Jinkee Pacquiao gives tour of family's resort, starts by saying she's not 'bragging'

Jinkee Pacquiao (Instagram)

Jinkee Pacquiao’s latest vlog shows her family’s private resort.

"Sa lahat ng nagtatanong, ito na 'yun. I'm not bragging or anything na meron kaming ganito. Request niyo naman ito, so i-tour ko kayo dito," the wife of Senator Manny Pacquiao said in the first few seconds of the video.

Some people speculate Jinkee's statement has something to do with controversy she was involved in recently. Few weeks ago, there was allegation that some of her posts of expensive items smack of “insensitivity” in light of the public health crisis.

Part of her camp’s reply then read, "What she does with her family’s hard-earned money is none of our business, because such bountiful blessings are just the fruit of her husband’s esteemed legacy as an iconic Filipino boxing legend and businessman, and are not stained in any way by graft or corruption.”

But Jinkee only proceeded to say that the rest house in Barangay Taluya, Glan Saranggani Province was made seven years ago with two villas. She added that the place is their "little slice of paradise."

Jinkee also showcased other areas, including the master's bedroom, bathroom and function room. She also gave a glimpse of her photos from the cover of magazines, as well as photos of her endorsements all hung in the hallway.

She said it's "nice" to back to their "happy place."