Netizens hit Rep. Garin on Dengvaxia, ABS-CBN issues

Published July 25, 2020, 1:34 PM

by Czarina Nicole Ong Ki

All people can think of nowadays is the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) health pandemic, but somehow, the Dengvaxia controversy resurfaced on people’s minds as Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin, formerly the country’s Health Secretary, trended on Twitter.

Iloilo 1st District Rep. and former Department of Health (DOH) secretary Janette Garin (MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

Netizens could not understand Rep. Garin’s purported statement that steps were being taken by the government to ensure that 11,000 workers of ABS-CBN will not lose their jobs in case the House of Representatives does not approve the renewal of its franchise.

They said they could not understand how Garin made herself believe that it was true and suggested that she was only getting back at ABS-CBN for exposing her “lies.”

A video clip went around on Twitter with Garin saying: “If you can prove in that interview that I did apologize for the Dengvaxia Program, I will immediately resign from Congress.”

This was followed by her interview in TV Patrol wherein she said: “Sa mga nanay, pasensya na po (To the mothers, I am sorry). I would like to apologize… Nangyayari ang ganitong nagpa-panic tayong bigla (Things like this happen where we immediately panic). As long as the truth is on our side, matatapos po ito (this too shall end).”

Netizens lambasted Garin for her statements. “We know this isn’t true. Why is it so easy for these officials to lie? Maybe it really is in their core. Garin, you just wanted to silence ABS-CBN because of a personal grudge. Hope your constituents vote better next time,” tweeted @serendiPT13.

@monesq said, “I perfectly understand how Garin acted on ABS-CBN voting. She just became that monster of the monster she claims to fight… The sad thing is there may not really be a monster to fight. She [ended] up like Don Quixote.”

@indayevarona called her “tanga (stupid)” for voting against the franchise renewal. “The government couldn’t even feed everyone who lost jobs and livelihood during the lockdown; had barely started giving out aid to those already included in record unemployment and you believed THIS?! That’s called willful ignorance.”

ABS-CBN personality @iamkarendavila also had something to say about Garin’s statement. “There are 7 million Filipinos who lost their jobs because of COVID. Saan naman po ilalagay ng pamahalaan ang (Where does the government plan to place) 11,017 workers ng ABS-CBN? ABS-CBN workers didn’t lose their jobs because of COVID. Congress took it away from them by shutting the network down.”

“Rep. Garin, you along with the 69 who voted to kill the franchise and lose all 11,017 workers will pay the price for your betrayal to the country. You are nothing but a piece of heartless [expletive],” fumed @ambionESC.

@neiltala added, “Although Dengvaxia really is a non-issue, Garin is overcompensating by siding with the very people (mostly paid trolls) who maligned her… Shameless.”