Bataoil threatens to put Lingayen under lockdown

LINGAYEN – Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil has threatened to put this capital town of Pangasinan under lockdown should there be more cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reported.

Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil (Photo courtesy of Hilda Austria via PNA / MANILA BULLETIN)
Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil (Photo courtesy of Hilda Austria via PNA / MANILA BULLETIN)

 “This is serious, I am telling you if anyone of us will be affected, and if anyone of you will turn positive, and I will turn positive, the entire Lingayen will be locked down,” Bataoil said Saturday.

Bataoil noted that if more of residents and provincial government employees will test positive for COVID-19, then he would have no choice but to place this town under lockdown.

“We will not be able to serve our people, we will not be able to render the necessary service that they deserve. Therefore, each and every one of us should be vigilant, conscious, and be always on the defensive mood against COVID-19.  Remind everyone, especially the families,” Bataoil called out to his constituents.

“Maraming violators, sad to say, among our people, when you go out on the streets and see them lurking around not wearing face mask. Take time to caution them, so this is a call to be vigilant. Don’t be alarmed, or afraid. Let us be brave in facing the enemy which is unseen, the power of prayer over and above and standard protocol will prevail,” he exhorted them.

Several policemen assigned at the Pangasinan Provincial Police located in Lingayen were earlier found positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

This was disclosed by Bataoil, himself, on Friday, and these involved seven policemen from the town of Lingayen from different barangays, including two non uniformed personnel.