PCG offices with confirmed COVID-19 cases on 14-day lockdown

Published July 23, 2020, 5:40 PM

by Betheena Kae Unite

A two-week total lockdown of offices and units at the Philippine Coast Guard with confirmed coronavirus disease cases was ordered Thursday in a bid to curb the spread of the virus within the organization.

Vice Admiral George Ursabia, Coast Guard commandant, ordered the total lockdown to ease contact tracing.

“After the mandatory quarantine and total lockdown, only those personnel who will yield negative results in their latest RT-PCR tests will be allowed to return to work,” Ursabia said.

The PCG already confirmed a total of 426 COVID-19 cases as of July 22, 267 of which are active.

Ursabia revealed that the command “is planning to explore the utilization of ultraviolet lights to aid the manual disinfection of work spaces and billeting areas.”

They are also looking into establishing a quarantine facility that will solely cater to Coast Guard personnel as a precautionary measure amid the ongoing pandemic.

All Coast Guard personnel were also ordered to strictly observe biosafety protocols while performing their duty.

The commandant said the conduct of online meetings or teleconferencing to limit physical interaction in the workplace is also highly encouraged.

“As we comply with these protocols, let us remain productive and efficient public servants in this time of pandemic. Our country needs us. Our fellow Filipinos need our service hence, we should strengthen our immune system so we may protect them against COVID-19,” Ursabia told his men.

He added that their personnel were provided with sufficient personal protective equipment sets and other medical supplies and are instructed to religiously practice personal hygiene measures and to ensure their work spaces and billeting areas are regularly disinfected.

The Coast Guard personnel, who have tested positive for the disease, were pulled out from their stations and provided with medical assistance.

Fifty new recoveries were reported from July 19 to 22, bringing the total recoveries to 159.