ISOG I AM Secure 20/20 summit sharpens vision for information security

Published July 23, 2020, 1:53 PM

by Art Samaniego

The Information Security Officers Group (ISOG) will be hosting a two-day virtual summit on July 29 and 30, titled I AM SECURE 20/20.

This will serve as a platform for sharing practices on how companies around the world are creating fail-safe security environments while operating in the digital space instead of being in physical offices.

ISOG is comprised of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) from different financial institutions and IT security professionals. During the summit leaders from local and global organizations will share how a culture of ironclad information security can be attained despited enforced work-from-home schedules and social distancing rules for the workforce.

As a special session of the summit, “Cyber Security 101: For Art’s Sake” will have ISOG leaders share the vision of the new normal with four Es: Engage, Establish, Equip, and Empower.

“For Art’s Sake” is designed for artists, providing basic information and knowledge on how to protect data, along with various types of digital entertainment plarforms. It also answers, how can artists and talent safeguard confidential information.

Information Technology speakers Mon Nunez and Paul Prantilla will be speakers for the session. With 17 years of experience in security and network management, Mon Nunez was awarded in DEFCON 24 Last Vegas with a Black Badge for winning the CTP contest. He is a two-time SANS Cyber Defense NetWars Champion, finishing with a perfect score at SANS Secure Singapore 2018 and SANS Core NetWars Winner at SANS Secure Singapore 2018 and 2017. He established the Security Operations Center (SOC) for Chikka Philippines and local Financial Institutions. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Paul Prantilla has 15 years of experience in security and network management. He acted as the head of technical project lead for the Smart Communications PowerApp. He has extensive experience with open source, select commercial network, and security monitoring platforms. This includes setting up and operating open source solutions such as Snort, Nagios, Sflow/Netflow, and Cacti, and other commercial solutions such as Sourcefire, Palo Alto, and F5/ He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Los Banos and has taught advanced computer networking and computer security graduate courses.

“For Art’s Sake” session is free and you can register here.

This will be conducted via Zoom.