OMG! Did Sue Ramirez just confirm her relationship with Javi Benitez by calling him 'babe'?

Sue in a video call with Javi during her recent birthday salubong party

Are Sue Ramirez and Javi Benitez in a relationship?

Many netizens think so after watching the vlog of Sue's best friend, Kristel Fulgar. Documenting Sue's recent pajama party for her 24th birthday, the video shows that after her friends sang "Happy Birthday," likely around midnight, Sue received a call from Javi.

"Ha, ano babe," Sue can be heard saying to the caller.

She then moved to another decorated room full of red and yellow balloons, which viewers would later speculate was a surprise prepared for Sue by Javi and their common friends.

There's also a laptop on the table showing pictures, and two cakes beside it. After Sue blew out the candles, she closed her eyes while the caller can be heard saying, "Happy Birthday."

To which Sure replied: "Nag wi-wish ako... I love you, babe."

On his social media account, Javi penned sweet birthday message for Sue. 

Sue and Javi (Instagram)

"Magulo man ang mundo, di tayo mabibigo, at ang pagmamahal ko sayo di magbabago. Happy birthday, Inday Sue! Palangga palangga god (heart emoji)," he wrote as caption to a photo of them together.

Speculations about their romance started early this year when Javi posted a picture of them holding hands. 

"Can I call you sometime?" his caption read. 

Later, during lockdown, Sue posted a photo of them together.

"Miss making spam sandwiches with you," she wrote.