Navotas quarantine violators reach 3,222 in one week of lockdown

Published July 22, 2020, 11:06 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

The number of quarantine violators in Navotas City has already reached 3,222 in just seven days after the city was placed under a two-week lockdown.

The local government on Wednesday (July 22) said that of the number, 3,056 are adults while 166 are minors.

“Tayo po ay nasa kalahatian na ng ating dalawang linggong lockdown, ngunit sadyang marami pa rin ang mga sumusuway sa mga ordinansa na ipinatutupad [\(We are already halfway through our two-week lockdown, but there are still may who disobey the ordinances that are being implemented),” the local government wrote in a Facebook post.

In a press briefing on Tuesday, Navotas police chief Col. Rolando Balasabas said that most of them were apprehended for violating curfew hours, the mandatory wearing of face masks, and for smoking in public places.

But on Facebook, several residents were complaining about the alleged unjust implementation of lockdown measures.

One of them was Marjs Perez, who took to social media after she was issued a violation receipt when she went outside their house to buy food.

“Bumili lang ng ulam, naka-mask at may quarantine naman. Bawal kami lumabas, ano kakainin ng magulang ko? (I just bought food, I was wearing a face mask and had a quarantine pass. We are not allowed to go outside, but what will my parents eat?),” she said.

“Naiintindihan ko naman ‘yung batas niyo, pero sana naman maintindihan niyo din ‘yung mga tao na walang makain dahil walang pera agad-agad na ipambili (I understand your law, but we hope that you also understand the people who have nothing to eat because they have no ready money to buy food),” she  added.

The local government appealed to the residents to follow the rules as “everyone is important, so we need to take care and look for each other.”