Know how you can bring back joy in your home again

Published July 22, 2020, 2:13 AM

by Johannes Chua

Does your space truly make you happy? Interior styling plus 5 tips to help you say yes

The anxiety at the start of the pandemic is now turning into a feeling of gloom and resignation. A lot of people would rather spend time watching Netflix movies rather than browse the news. This “unwanted” feeling is aggravated further by boredom and mundanity of being holed up in the house for almost four months. And there’s a looming possibility that home quarantine would stretch until the end of the year, since there is still no vaccine in sight.  

It doesn’t have to be this way. Look at the glass half full rather than half empty. There are a lot of productive things to do and it can start with observing, touching, and evaluating your own space. Ask yourself: Does this home truly make me happy? 

If in doubt and you feel you need some professional help to make you fall in love with your home once again, then the designers at Hurray Design are ready to help you bring back the joy of living in the space where you spent 24/7 these past few months. 

“After spending all that time stuck indoors, we know you can’t wait to fall in love with your home again! We know because we feel the same way,” says Rossy Anne Rojales, creative and managing director of Hurray Design, a design firm whose goal is to deliver “brighter” homes and spaces. 

Interior designer Rossy Anne Rojales

Rossy understands the challenges posed by the pandemic on the interior design profession. But it doesn’t mean that all kinds of home improvements and renovations should stop. Instead, she says, companies like them have found a way to work around—and not against—the situation. 

“In the pandemic, the minds of homeowners are probably overflowing with ideas on how to upgrade their living spaces. If they need an expert to skim through all the ideas and to assess if these are doable, we are offering a service called interior styling,” she says. 

DESIGN PEG Interior styling helps homeowners enhance their living space amid the pandemic by allowing experts to guide them

Interior styling, she explains, is for those who feel that they need to enhance their living spaces. “This is also for those who need an expert’s help to guide them through the process quicker, especially now that everyone’s at home and major renovation works may not be advisable.”

Hurray Design’s interior styling is about “redefining and refreshing spaces without the need for a major construction. Through quick fixes, interiors are spruced up to take on a new, unique personality that mirrors the owner’s current state of mind.” 

“We realized the importance of our homes at this moment. Homes should not only be functional but also be visually appealing to improve mood, to encourage harmony, and of course, to promote wellbeing and relaxation,” says Rossy. 

To simplify the process, Hurray Design has developed various design themes. “This will help clients make up their mind on the starting point or direction with which to go. These themes—Asian contemporary, modern tropical, modern functional, contemporary minimalist, etc.—are based on designs for past clients and our own aesthetic assessments.”

As this is a scaled down version of what their design firm usually offers to clients, the interior styling package is also more budget-friendly, their way of “helping bring joy to homeowners in this crisis.” 

Once a client avails of the interior styling, a step-by-step process unfolds. The main goal would be to create a space where the client is happy that it “helps ease the mind of worries.”

“Use this time as an opportunity to assess which design style resonates to you and your family the most. Taste and preferences change over time. And if you’re not yet ready to commit to a design you could live with for a long time, then consider interior styling your trial phase,” says Rossy. “This is also the perfect time to change your environment to give you a renewed perspective, and bring back the spark that made you love your home in the first place.” 


There is no single answer on what a joyful home is as it depends on the lifestyles and personalities of each family member. There is, however, some steps you could do to add more happiness to the home in terms of design. 

1. Make it functional 

A joyful home is also a functional home, too. No joy can emerge from a house that’s dirty, dilapidated, and “dysfunctional.” At this time, a clean and hygienic house is a must. Security should also be a top priority to bring peace of mind. 

2. Personalize your space

Hang the kids’ drawing, display travel photos in the living area, or add fun elements on your work desk. These would not only remind you of the good times, but also reinforce strong family bonds. 

3. Mix and match properly

There is no exact science on what kind of design, color, or motif is fit for what kind of household. The important part is that a theme permeates through all the spaces for a sense of unity and balance. If in doubt, interior styling can be a start before fully hiring an interior designer. 

4. Find useful furniture  

Invest in quality and multifunctional furniture. Same also with using energy-efficient appliances and lighting. There’s no joy in racking up expenses on utilities and repairs. 

5. Bring nature in

It has been proven that nature has the ability to lift moods, bring a fresher atmosphere, and uplift our quality of life. Start by letting the morning sun and cool breeze in. Nurture plants as they can also nurture your wellness.