The perfect family car for that post-pandemic road trip should have these qualities

Published July 21, 2020, 5:15 PM

by Edgard Hilario

In this seemingly-endless staycation, it’s difficult not to catch yourself scrolling through photos of past trips or daydreaming about vacation spots you and your family could have travelled to during the recent uneventful summer. Indeed, the farthest destinations we can head to at this time are those we can only visit through photos and our imagination.

On the bright side though, vaccines are being developed and restrictions are slowly being eased, so travel might be permitted sooner, rather than later. But it will most likely be restricted to road travel—at least for now. And that’s really not a bad thing especially since the Philippines is blessed with a lot of beautiful destinations families can visit. In addition, road trips are also a good way to further bond as a family.

Tagaytay, Baguio, Bicol, La Union—the list goes on and on and that’s only in Luzon. All these road trip hotspots can easily and comfortably be reached so long as you have a safe and reliable car to travel with your family. Searching for that perfect family car? Here are some qualities to consider:


With road trips to the alluring white beaches of Batangas or the quaint scenery of Vigan that may last hours, your family needs enough room to slouch around and fit comfortably, alongside travel bags and packed snacks. A 7-seater like the Honda CR-V would be a good choice for this since it also has a lot of cabin space in the rear.


Besides having enough room, the car’s seats and overall drive should be extremely comfortable for the family to relax, appreciate the view outside, and maybe even get some sleep. A comfortable family car should also eliminate or minimize external noise. 

Technologically-assisted safety features

Drivers rarely have the time to sit back and relax while driving but they can drive worry-free if the car is equipped with the latest technology features, specially designed for emergencies. There are a lot of standard safety features already available in most modern cars, but one of the newest ones is the driver-assistive technology called “Honda Sensing.” The feature enables adaptive cruise control, sensors that can detect possible collisions, and even a guided steering system that ensures the car stays on the right lane.  

Low maintenance and high fuel efficiency

The costs of regular maintenance check-ups that come with owning a vehicle can weigh heavily on one’s finances. Thankfully, there are cars like the Honda CR-V which requires only two (2) maintenance visits per year. And with a fuel-efficient diesel engine, such a vehicle makes for great savings, especially if you are planning to take the family on a road trip from Ilocos Norte, all the way to Camarines Sur.

High quality

There are just so many car brands out there nowadays, but based on experience, Japanese car brands are still a notch above everyone else. Their quality, design, and durability continue to be unmatched. A brand like Honda for example is still considered to be a top choice for discerning car owners, with the CR-V as one of the local favorites.

Regardless of your choice of road trip destination, what makes the travel all the more memorable really boils down to the vehicle’s comfort and safety. Thus, if you’re ready for that next out-of-town drive, choose a vehicle worthy of being called “Your Ride”.