Gary V in good hands

Published July 21, 2020, 11:18 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Gary Valenciano

In this time of pandemic, Gary Valenciano can relate to those having serious health concerns.

In April 2018, the singer-actor who has Type 1 diabetes complained of chest pains after he and son, Gabriel, performed on a variety show.

“I hugged him after the number and while people were clapping and cheering for us, I turned to him and told him to pray for me because I wasn’t feeling well. He didn’t know how bad it was but it was really bad because I think anytime I express that to anyone it means I am really not doing well,” he was quoted in a statement sent to Bulletin Entertainment.

After going through an angiogram a few weeks later, they discovered he had 95% blockage on his left artery and had to immediately undergo cardiac bypass surgery. While still reeling from this heart operation, they found out he had kidney cancer.

The diagnosis was a big blow to him and his family.

 “With my heart, I already knew something was wrong. With the cancer, it allowed me to position myself and simply put my life in the hands of God because it was at that point in our lives where we found security and safety.”

Fortunately, prayers and constant support from loved ones became his anchor and Gary survived it all. 

Looking back on the experience, Gary said his eyes were opened to the high cost of medical expenses.

“Angeli knows many times, when it comes to financial planning, I’m always just trusting God for it, but there are tools He has given us in order to live productively,” he said.

Well, Gary has less to worry about that now that he has signed with AIA Philam Life as ambassador. Saying the company has his back, the artist knows he is “in good hands.”