‘Small Spaces’ album is a modern artifact of our quarantine-era

Published July 20, 2020, 4:49 PM

by Kerry Tinga

Brought together by the power of connectivity and music, a ‘live album’ recorded from the confines of local musicians’ homes

Among the first to get canceled on account of the health crisis were live musical concerts. While many of us are used to streaming our music, there is nothing that can beat the frenzy of a live show. Imagine an international act headlining a huge arena or an intimate affair at a local bar. You get lost in the music that is so loud you have to scream to be heard. Where you cannot tell the difference between the beat of your heart and the beat of the songs.

Throughout history, there have been a handful of classic live albums that recreate the magic. Streaming them transports you to a moment in time captured on record. Physically you are just in your room in the middle of the pandemic, but perhaps spiritually you’re at the iconic Woodstock festival of the summer of ’69.

An odd marriage between the nostalgic and the contemporary, Offshore Music Philippines’ multiple artist album Small Spaces will go down as the perfect pop culture artifact of the quarantine-era. Like many other musicians, the local music label’s artists have attempted to recreate the concert experience through livestreams. From April 23 to May 3, the “Small Spaces Virtual Tour” gave audiences live gigs via Facebook and YouTube.

We are living in an unprecedented and unforgiving time that has pushed creativity to new places that are worth documenting. Offshore Music decided to save the artists’ performance and have now released the unique live album for streaming on Spotify.

Participating artists include folk-rock band Pinkmen, folk duo Pamphleeter, guitarist Jun Lupito, electronic musician Big Hat Gang, indie artist Mazerboy, and Cebu-based pop band Sansette, and alt-rock band One Click Straight.

The album blends various genres and local musicians seamlessly, all recorded at each of the artists’ respective homes. There is a beautiful intimacy that shines through each track. This is particularly true in the acoustic renditions of some of the songs. Brought together by the power of connectivity and music, it is a testament to the unwavering strength of Filipino artists.

‘Small Spaces’ is now streaming on Spotify