Secret for Secret

Published July 17, 2020, 11:18 AM

by Mike Lim

Should-have-been business partner (SP) is still disappointed that her failed venture with Rich Investor (RI) led to ill feelings.

SP and RI became acquainted when they were introduced by a common friend. As the business was being planned, SP convinced RI to place her capital and trust in SP. However, time passed and nothing happened and RI realized she was faced with loss.

To save face and her relationship with RI, SP took the blame. She promised to pay back RI, but requested that RI keep the situation secret. But, RI forgot and let the cat out of the bag to someone. SP found out about it resulting in embarrassment.

Similarly, RI had a family matter that she requested SP to not divulge. One time, when they were discussing their future business, SP saw how RI treated her family members, who are based in the province. SP recounted the family was amazed at the opulence of RI’s home and RI seemed uncomfortable with her family’s behavior. The family would have photo-ops at various parts of RI’s home, but RI refused to join them. SP apparently overheard RI say not to post on social media photos that included her, or else their allowance might not arrive. Further, SP noticed that RI seemed to look so much better than her family which led her to think of the enhancements RI might have undertaken.

As soon as RI was done entertaining, she went back to SP and they started to talk. SP was curious and asked RI why she did not want her photos with her family uploaded. RI simply said that she was protecting her family from bashers.

Unwanted Attention

When Celebrity Actor (CA) and Known Personality (KP) were starting out, stakeholders noticed their chemistry and immediately produced projects for them. Luckily, CA and KP turned into a loveteam and actually became a romantic couple. Like most loveteams, however, they hit plateau and parted ways.

 As years passed, CA and KP matured and had their relationships. Although both pursued their careers with different lead partners, loyal fans hoped the two would reunite. The idea seems far-fetched as they are now worlds apart.

One day, KP was in a family gathering when she noticed a man standing in front of her home. His appearance was alarming; he was wearing boxer shorts and slippers, and had no top on. He started creating noise to make KP come out of her house. The helpers were shocked, as they had no idea who the man was. However, they realized he might also be known, as he managed to enter the village.