Comedy goes to Zoom

Published July 17, 2020, 11:11 AM

by Jules Vivas

Unmute your mics and enable your cameras as ‘Best of Comedy Manila,’ a showcase of award-winning and outstanding Filipino comedians, debuts online

A few months ago, local comedian Red Ollero was perturbed by the state of comedy in the country, as the pandemic Covid-19 entered our lives and ruined everything for all of us. Today, the health crisis has yet to be resolved, although quarantine has eased up in most countries around the globe because, simply put, life goes on. “I am very worried about our industry. We [comedians] can’t do live shows for a long time, and these events are our livelihood,” this was Red’s exact statement before, words that held immense weight. We have yet to see if comedians would have the last laugh. Or maybe they already do.

After a couple of sold-out online shows, Comedy Manila is bringing its grandest performance, the “Best of Comedy Manila,” to the internet for the first time ever. The gig, which used to be done in theaters and events places, is debuting on Zoom on Saturday, July 25.

The last time this all-headliner showcase was held was at the Podium in February, which would have been followed up with another performance at Solaire or Kia Theater this year. “We’re just picking up from where we left off,” says Red in an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

Red recently produced five small online shows via Zoom, all of which sold out. “The first five shows were like test runs, we made sure we encounter the problems were supposed to encounter and be able to solve it immediately,” he explains.

Also it’s a big dis to the pandemic. Covid-19 really messed up our careers, and this is us soldiering on.


In our previous interview with Red, he discussed that comedians were itching to perform. “It’s not just about the money. We want keep doing what we love doing. For now, we’re going to stay ready, keep our wits sharp, and continue to make people laugh,” he said.

“Best of Comedy Manina” features the funniest and brightest comedians, Alex Calleja, GB Labrador, Nonong Ballinan, Red, Ryan Rems, Victor Anastacio, and James Caraan.

To make the experience as close to how live shows used to be carried out, audiences are encouraged to unmute their mics and enable their cameras. “Standup is a very feedback based performance. Kaya hirap ‘pag ‘di mo sila kita at dinig (It’s hard not seeing and hearing your audience),” says Red.

For those interested, early bird tickets can be purchased via Ticket2Me for ₱ 500 until July 19. Regular tickets will be available from July 20 to July 25 for ₱600. Ticketholders will be sent a Zoom link where they will be able to watch the show, which will start at 8:30 p.m.. Get your tickets here.