What Nadine Lustre is up to while in quarantine

Published July 15, 2020, 8:09 AM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

Nadine Lustre (Instagram)

All of us have different ways and strategies when it comes to coping with the changes COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us. For Nadine Lustre, she’s using the quarantine period to discover herself more.

In an interview, the 26-year-old actress shared what keeps her busy these days and how it helps her to know herself in much deeper aspect.

Despite the distance, Nadine makes sure she’s in touch with her loved ones. “I keep myself busy and try to learn new things,” she said. “I also try to stay connected with friends and family.”

While at home, the multimedia princess tries to accomplish various tasks. “I’m taking care of my plants,” she continued. “I also put more effort into my online preloved shop, where I sell most of my stuff that I don’t really use anymore. Got to organize my things, played a lot of computer games, and watched a lot of movies and tv series.”

Just like most of us, the “Indak” star admitted she had a hard time adjusting to the new normal.  But as days passed by, she learned to accept and appreciate solitude.

“I enjoyed spending time with myself during the quarantine,” she said. “I dealt with a lot of things that have been forgotten. I discovered that I can really write. And that’s something that I’ve doubted myself with ever since I can remember.”

As the pandemic affects the economy, Nadine admitted she too is affected. “I shop a lot. But I’ve got be honest though, during the quarantine, I learned how to tighten my belt,” she said.

Due to restrictions and limited movements imposed on everyone to avoid the spread of coronavirus, she said she’s tempted to scroll through online shopping platforms every now and then.

“I am browsing for random stuff on a daily basis. From organizers, no need to explain why,dinnerware, decor, to clothes and hangers. I guess with all of that the best thing I bought during the quarantine would be my black garlic fermenter.”