Duterte to troops: Don’t think about human rights when fighting lawlessness

Published July 15, 2020, 8:15 PM

by Genalyn Kabiling

Government troops should “not think about human rights” in the fight against lawless elements otherwise they might lose, President Duterte declared on Monday.


In his visit to a military camp in Jolo, Sulu, the President directed the uniformed personnel to simply do their duty and promised to take responsibility for their action.

Lawless elements have continued to “ravage across our land” and disrupt public order despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to the commander-in-chief.

“Do your duty and if ‘yung duty ninyo turns nasty or may nangyari diyan, huwag kong matakot.  Akin ‘yan. Sabihin ko na ngayon akin order ‘yan. Fight. (Do your duty and if your duty turns nasty or something bad happens, don’t be afraid. That’s mine. I’ll say now that that’s my order. Fight.),” he said in the unreleased portion of his July 13 speech before the troops.

“Ang parameters ng away, walang human rights. Diyan sa gyera, sa harap ng sa boka ng baril, huwag kayong mag-isip ng human rights, matatalo tayo. Buti pa isipin mo ‘yung babae na lang pag-uwi mo. (There are no human rights in the parameters of a fight. In a war, in front of the barrel of gun, do not think of human rights or else we will lose. Better think of women instead when you return home),” he said.

The President also reminded the troops to avoid being caught alive by the terrorists. He said he would rather see a soldier dead than witness his torture and killing on video.

“Iyang .45 ninyo tatlong magazine ‘yan, it comes with three magazines. One is deployed, ang isa, dalawa dito. ‘Pag fight na ganun naubos, bunutin mo pa ‘yung isang magazine, wala ka ng M16. Pero ‘yung last magazine kainin mo, kainin mo para sa sarili mo. (Your .45 gun comes with three magazines. One is deployed, one, two. In battle, pull out one magazine since you don’t have an M16. But the last magazine, better eat it),” he said.

The President thanked the military for the service to the nation especially during these trying times. He said he knows it has been a “difficult time” for the uniformed personnel due to the “escalating tensions between the military and terrorist groups.”

“You have a crucial role to fulfill that relates to a cause higher than yourselves. I move forward with you as we advance the common good and promote the security of the nation,” he said.

“With your continued support and commitment, I am confident that terrorists and all those who want to bring our nation down will have no place in our country,” he added.