Calling all platitas! Check these IG shops for your dinnerware collection

Published July 15, 2020, 8:00 AM

by Angela Casco

From vintage to blue-and-white plates, they have it all for tableware ‘miners’

Over the years, local shops selling plates, saucers, glasses, mugs, and more have made their move online—Instagram, to be specific—to cater to more platitas (or platitos, because why not?), or those who are particularly enthusiastic about anything and everything dinnerware-related.
These shops typically upload photos of their curations regularly, complete with details and prices, to which interested buyers race to comment “mine” first to secure the purchase, hence, platitas’ other nickname—miners.
Whether you’re a first-time dinnerware miner or a longtime collector, we’ve rounded up a number of Instagram shops that might just be where you could find the next best plate in your growing collection.

Plates with unique patterns from That Crazy Plate Lady

That Crazy Plate Lady (@thatcrazyplatelady)
Price range: P150 to P1,100
If you are just as crazy over collecting vintage ceramics, stoneware, and earthenware, trust that That Crazy Plate Lady on Instagram can relate. The shop’s pieces, which are mostly from Japan, England, and Italy, come in one-of-a-kind designs and unique patterns, transforming your ensaymada or turon breaks to Instagrammable food spreads real quick.

Minimalist pieces from Deko

Deko (@deko.ph)
Price range: P80 to P1,100
For fans of minimalist pieces, Deko is the shop to check out. Its curation, a mix of brand new and thrift items, reflects an uncomplicated style, perfect for those who are keen on keeping pieces that are not only “aesthetic” but also functional.

Monochromatic homeware from Tone Studio

Tone Studio (@tonestudio.ph)
Price range: P150 to P1,200
A store that prides itself on its “new take on modern homeware,” Tone Studio offers monochromatic plates, mugs, and vases in vibrant hues of orange, yellow, green, blue, and more. Whether you’re eating pasta or adobo, serving your food using its pieces can instantly liven up your lunch table spread.

Japanese minimalist pieces from Ureshii

Ureshii (@ureshiiph)
Price range: P100 to P1,000
For straight up simple, Japanese minimalist pieces, Ureshii regularly uploads items—usually stoneware—in neutral tones of cream, white, and wood. This focus on such a soothing color palette is only fitting as the shop’s name is the Japanese word for happy. Just take a look at its curation of plates, cups, and even tea sets, and you’ll feel the delight every platita feels at the sight of beautiful tableware. 

Neutral handcrafted plates from Tamarind Ave.

Tamarind Ave. (@tamarindave.ph)
Price range: Starts at P180
For more functional and minimalist pieces that are either handpicked or handcrafted, Tamarind Ave. is the shop worth checking. Just one look at its feed and you would be greeted with a lot of neutrals with a few pastel-colored pieces here and there. Good thing the Davao-based shop ships nationwide.

Irregularly shaped bowl from Lorrel

Lorrel (@lorrel_)
Price range: P60 to P500
Lorrel’s curations are for those who appreciate the beauty of rustic and unrefined pieces. This concept is from the Japanese and it’s called wabi-sabi or when translated is “beauty in imperfection.” This is visible in the shop’s Japan-sourced irregularly shaped plates, bowls, as well as slightly scratched cups. 

Blue and white plates from Home Love Point

Home Love Point (@homelovepoint)
Price range: Starts at P250
If you are in search of Oriental (or blue and white) plates, saucers, and bowls, Home Love Point sells some of the best among online dinnerware shops. The shop’s pieces feature unique and ornate patterns in various hues of blue or white glaze, perfect for serving your favorite ramen or homemade katsudon. The shop also puts out a variety of English crockeries once in a while, too, which you can use on your next afternoon tea with family and friends.

Stylish yet affordable bowls from Dapitan Arcade Stall 10

Dapitan Arcade Stall 10 (@dastall10)
Price range: Starts at P60
Now that there’s a pandemic and trips outside your home should be kept to a minimum, Dapitan Arcade Stall 10—an actual space in this area in Quezon City—can easily make you feel like you’re in the famous homeware haven without having to go out. The best part? All the stylish plates, bowls, saucers, and cups here are affordable, so much so that each purchase always feels like a steal.

Dequoria’s ceramic plates can become jewelry containers

Dequoria (@dequoria.dvo)
Price range: P80 to P170
If you want to use your plates, saucers, and bowls for purposes other than “aesthetic” meals, Dequoria lets you reimagine ceramics and dinnerware into pots for your basil plant, trinket holders, or accents for your room’s bare wall. The pieces from the Davao-based shop, typically dainty, are good deals, especially for those who are only starting to satisfy their inner platita.