This Pinay surrealist created a worldwide community of 100,000 art aficionados

Published July 10, 2020, 11:19 AM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

Evanna Chan and Andrei Stan create a passion project to promote traditional and digital arts online

Now more than ever, independent artists need help in promoting their arts as Covid-19 pandemic makes it impossible to hold physical shows and exhibits. Fortunately, the digital world has been a great avenue to answer this need. 

From virtual shows, online exhibits to social media, these platforms together with brilliant minds behind them, artists both new and veteran now have the chance to showcase their works and talents. One of these platforms is the Dreaming in Collages, an Instagram account that promotes the works of various artists from all over the world. In an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, founder Filipino-Chinese surrealist Evanna Chan shares the inspiration behind this project and how this platform is helping artists across the globe. 

Evanna Chan

A dream come true

According to Evanna, Dreaming in Collages has been founded together with Romanian-based mixed media artist Andrei Stan with the vision of helping artists to reach a wider audience and promoting digital arts. 

MULTI-FACETED Andrei is a film director who holds youth workshops to teach kids photo and video composition 

“This project began in 2018 with the idea that artists need a place to be seen, heard, and felt,” she recalls. “The platform shares works of both up-and-coming artists and renowned digital and traditional artists as well. In the topic of digital art, we strongly believe that digital art is art and should be treated in that regard. It’s our goal to bring a modern form of art to the world online and offline through our platform and various art events worldwide.” 

Every month, Evanna together with Andrei chooses artists to feature in their Instagram account @dreamingincollages. Since it first started, this social media page has been growing, making it a community of artists and art enthusiasts. 

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“We are constantly looking for a roster of artists to feature every month. This program allows artists big and small to connect with businesses, art enthusiasts, and with each other,” she says. “Our dream is to put collage art on the map and we are happy to say that we are achieving this dream every day with our growing community by our side.”

To date, this page has featured thousands of artists of many nationalities, promoting different forms of arts, from traditional and digital to motion pictures. “We value authenticity and passion in our artists. Whether they have 100 or 100,000 followers, all artists are welcome to share their works with us. As long as we see their potential for growth and success in becoming an artist, we are here to support them. We want to not only cultivate the arts, but also foster mutual respect,” Evanna continues. 

Dreaming in Collages focuses on analog and digital collage art. “Being open to both traditional and digital forms of this unique style allows our audience a space to grow and learn from each other, while expanding their knowledge on this style of art,” she says. 

Outside the virtual space

Right now, @dreamingincollages has around 100,000 followers. Evanna also shares that, aside from this page, their team is continuously working to further extend their efforts in helping the creative community. 

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Dream by @itsonlynirvanna

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“What started as a passion project has slowly turned into a worldwide community of artists to express themselves on our platform. We are now working on various art events and collaborations to be hosted on a global scale,” she says. “I’m currently working on an upcoming project called Red Sparrow that gives artists an easier and more efficient way to sell their works. Artists on this platform receive fair pay, are given the value they deserve, all while being part of a bigger art community at Dreaming in Collages.” 

Evanna has a message to artists: “Keep dreaming! To this day, my partner and I are still both in shock to see our dream become a reality. It’s our goal that we continue to work together and grow together, and that’s one value to never lose sight of. Share your success, talents, and skills with the world. Don’t be shy with your art or feel ashamed that you are an artist. Hone your skills, and accept that you are different; that we are meant to stand out. We are creators, and we have the opportunity to show people beauty, clarity, and growth through our art every day.” 

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