These cute kitchen appliances fall under both ‘wants’ and ‘needs’

Published July 9, 2020, 11:01 AM

by Vianca Gamboa

From portable fridge to mini oven in dreamy colors? ‘Yes, I’ll do the cooking.’

Being a sucker for all things pastel and cutesy is not a sin, but it can be tough on your wallet. You cop two or more thingamajig in the same color scheme, it becomes a hobby, and your house starts to become aesthetically pleasing yet starts to harbor useless trinkets for cobwebs. That’s twice the guilt when you end up lacking space (and money) for things you really need. 

What if you buy stuff that can get the work done without compromising the glitzy quirk, like these cute, sturdy, functional kitchen finds you can get from the online market right about now? They moonlight as enticing countertop accessories just in case you need the extra push to master that quarantine cooking class, or a hearty breakfast to cure morning jitters. 

Like this portable fridge

Check out this compact fridge with functionality concept and design that comes straight out of the future (Eve from Wall-E called, she wants her body back). The Baseus portable fridge is smaller than the usual coolers (it’s 29 centimeters high) that it fits right in your car’s compartment or the shotgun seat, your office table, or a small kitchen setup. It has enough space to store your water bottle, canned drinks, ice cream, or even skincare products for a refreshing effect. 

Buy this from Lazada at P10,900.

Or this blender

A hot and humid quarantine weather and a penchant for the retro ’50s call for a sleek blender that hogs all the performance and design awards. The Smeg Blender packs a punch with its powerful motor that surprisingly runs smoother than regular, boring, aggressive blenders, light and resistant glass jug, and three pre-set programs that control the speed for ergonomic use. Bonus: You may have spotted this avant-garde appliance line in one of your favorite Kpop idols’ house tour videos. 

Buy this from Lazada at P14,995.

Or this multifunctional cooker

Remember the early dog days when the only thing that mattered was that lutu-lutuansession with your cousins? You can now reminisce in style using this super-extra, dollhouse-essential, double-layer OEM multifunctional cooker. It comes with a mini frying pan, a mini boiler, an oven toaster with two tiers, and equally cute covers to boot. 

Buy this from Lazada at P4,800.

Or this breakfast machine

If you’re more of a morning person who fuels her day with coffee, then this multifunctional cooker with a foldable electric kettle is your best bet. The small nonstick pan fries your eggs as you toast bread using its eight-liter mini oven and wait for the coffee to brew. If this doesn’t speak of better mornings, I don’t know what will. 

Buy this from Lazada at P7,091.

Or this electric lunch box 

Food safety is the biggest thing right now, especially for those who have to come to work. Although it’s not advisable to eat out in between breaks, your office microwave that everyone uses seems riskier. The LoYola Electric Lunchbox that lets you reheat and steam your baon will do the trick. It has a safety locker to avoid spillage and (literally) hot mess, and it doubles as a portable rice cooker so you can have freshly steamed rice anytime you want.

Buy this from Lazada at P2,604.