Inspouration: ‘Cocktails To Go’ for your next e-numan

Published July 9, 2020, 10:37 AM

by Jules Vivas

Run Rabbit Run and Don Papa Rum collaborate to give us
quality and delicious pre-mixed fine spirits

RRR head bartender Enzo Luna, bartender Christina Soudji, and the drinks included in the “A Rabbit in Sugarlandia” Cocktail To Go pack

The fog of cigarette smoke, tufted leather armchairs, manic crowds, over-friendly bartenders, the act of socializing (or not), and of course, the booze, many of us probably miss going out to bars. With Metro Manila under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), several restaurants have resumed operations, but our beloved pubs remain out of commission. The world today is heavily reliant on digital and online transactions, and establishments have gone down the road of offering food and beverages for takeout and delivery. US top infectious-disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, discussed that going to an indoor bar is one of the most dangerous things people could do right now. Drinking out and partying all night are still out of the question, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy glorious tipples from our favorite bars from the comfort of our homes. After all, we’ve still got to—maybe even need to, especially given the circumstances—have someone pour us a drink. Enter to-go cocktails.

Yes, pre-mixed cocktails are a “thing” in the Philippines right now, a trend brewing. I recently got to attend a virtual bar session organized by Don Papa Rum and Run Rabbit Run (RRR), an online event that highlighted what they call Cocktails To Go. The one-of-a-kind experience brought the quaint bar along with its world-class potations to the homes of participants. It was an absolute treat “visiting” the old family home turned wonderland on P. Guanzon Street, Makati, as RRR head bartender Enzo Luna and bartender Christina Soudji prepared signature cocktails in real time together with us, the guests, who were supplied with the Cocktails To Go kits and a customized background for the Zoom meeting for a more immersive feel. Bleeding Heart Rum Co.’s program development manager Aaron Goodall hosted this mixer party.

Bleeding Heart Rum Co.’s program development manager Aaron Goodall.

With bar businesses being among the industries most hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Cocktails To Go is an online cocktail delivery service that provides bartenders with a platform to stay on top of their game while supporting the call for bar regulars to stay home and enjoy their favorite Don Papa Rum concoctions. “Now that we are in GCQ, Don Papa Rum is very much open to exploring more ways to get customers to enjoy their drinks through online deliveries,” Aaron mentions.

Meanwhile, Enzo explains throughout the bar session how they were quite fortunate to already be exploring and developing the logistics behind Cocktails To Go before the health crisis hit, allowing them to be ahead of the curve in providing a solution for rum enthusiasts to enjoy their cocktails during the quarantine. “The quarantine has also been an opportunity for us to hone our craft and share our knowledge with fellow bartenders,” adds Christina. The virtual bar session featured three Don Papa Rum cocktails masterfully mixed by the RRR bartenders, which they offer in their Cocktails To Go service. The package delivered to each participant was called “A Rabbit in Sugarlandia,” which contains three 200 ml bottles of Banana Daiquiri, Maskara Old Fashioned, and Don Chocoroni. The alchemy performed by the bar experts were amazing, indescribably good even, but I am going to do my best to describe the drinks anyway.

Banana Rum Daiquiri

This classic cocktail is light, and features a perfect balance of rum, sugar, and lime with a touch of banana liqueur that packs an enticing, tropical punch. And oh my golly banana, this drink is simply the best if you’re into sweet cocktails. Make it extra by putting it in the freezer. Frozen or not, however, this alcoholic delight is worth a bit of insobriety, in case you can’t get enough of it.

Masskara Old Fashioned

A local take on the classic bar favorite Old Fashioned, this blend has a locally spiced tasting profile of Don Papa Masskara with a touch of aromatic bitters. The cocktail is peppered with subtle citrus notes, hints of honey, and siling labuyo that adds a kick of spice and heat to the drink. Serve it in an Old Fashioned whiskey glass to bring out the full aromas and to ensure the
drink still has enough room to be stirred.

Don Chocoroni

Another localized cocktail, this refreshingly-bitter Filipino take on the Kingston Negroni was made even better with Don Papa Rum. The cocktail is infused with cacao husk to give it a rich balance of vanilla, chocolate, and tart.

The virtual bar session served as a tutorial on how to make these cocktails. Guests also got tips and tricks from the RRR bartenders on customizing their cocktails with everyday ingredients that can be found in their homes.

“A Rabbit in Sugarlandia”

Although we are steadily easing into the “new normal,” there’s still a long way before we can go back to our regular nights out in bars. An alternative is to enjoy the connection and conversations
with friends over video calls and e-numans with our favorite cocktails in hand.

If you want to try any of the cocktails mentioned and more, one can enjoy the Don Papa Rum favorites through RRR’s Cocktails To Go. Pre-order from Saturday to Thursday midnight as drinks will be delivered every Friday. Deliver is free throughout Metro Manila.