Keiko Necesario releases ‘Right Next To You’

Published July 8, 2020, 10:50 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Keiko Necesario

Keiko Necesario has a new single recorded with UK-based Chasing Fantasia.  

“I wrote it in 2018 with a God-given love in mind – a love bonded by the truth of His plans and unbreakable will. Mark 10:9 says ‘What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.’ I was single when I wrote this and was waiting for 29 years,” she said.

“I needed to express the feeling of finally having someone to share my blessings, learnings, pains, and joys with. I relate my journey to my songwriting – to not just write about my past or present but also about my future. I think I found it – I found him.”

With an ambient vibe, the single from her upcoming album “Ready, Let Go” showcases the beauty of Keiko’s production while maintaining her signature emotive sound.

“We recorded this in Baguio and it sets the mood of the upcoming album. ‘Right Next To You’ has a powerful sound and message that captures the album’s theme. The first line of the chorus ‘I found home when I found you’ says a lot about my dreams, hopes, goals, and purpose. I found home when things came together and fell into place according to God’s plans and perfect time,” explains Keiko. “I’m happy on how it was written and recorded. This song is a reminder of what love could be.”

Keiko came a long way from writing songs at the age of 7 to independently producing her debut album in 2015.

Looking back she says, “There are things that surprised me in many ways but there are always two constant things: God and my season of waiting. My journey will always be a surprise but the big picture is clear – there’s always a purpose.”