Janella Salvador belies accusations of former PA

Janella Salvador

“If you believe in your own lies and I really violated something, sue me.”

These are the words of Janella Salvador against her former personal assistant Michelle Pelongco as the actress belied accusations of not paying appropriate salary. 

Pelongco sought the help of radio show host Raffy Tulfo, complaining that Salvador did not pay her 12 days' worth of service. 

On Twitter, Salvador stressed this is the only time she will speak about this issue.

“I really don’t believe I have to defend myself because trial by media is not the appropriate venue for this,” she began.

Directly addressing Pelongco, Salvador said: “If you’re gonna twist the story in your desperate attempt to get money from me… sorry, hun. 3.6k is small and I would gladly give it to someone who deserves it. Not worth my time,” she added.

To end her post, Salvador said: “We are literally still going through a PANDEMIC and our press freedom is in danger. Next.”

No further action has been taken by Pelongco as of press time.