Xbox controller for Android heading out soon

Published July 7, 2020, 9:21 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

Microsoft’s Project xCloud is an upcoming streaming service that will allow people to play Xbox games on their Android phones and tablet. All you’d need is WiFi and the games can be played via cloud.

If you’re excited for that, then you should know that 8BitDo has licensed the Xbox controller designs and has developed one for Android devices.

For anyone out there who aren’t familiar with 8BitDo, they’re a company that develops third-party controllers for various devices. They are probably best known for their NES and SNES retro controllers with excellent D-Pads and software that allows you to customize it, including analog sensitivity.

The 8BitDo Xbox controller is smaller than your regular wireless Xbox controller, making it a bit more portable.

Once the controller is released on retail, we can look forward for them hitting local stores soon.