Former ‘Idol Philippines’ contestant comes out as gay

Published July 2, 2020, 6:38 AM

by Regina Mae Parungao

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Miguel Cordon is proudly gay. 

The former “Idol Philippines” contestant made the revelation about her sexuality as Pride Month 2020 ended.

“I’ve never had to come out in my life. My mom just knew. In college, I fell in love with a boy and brought him home, and that was that. No questions asked. The news spread in my family, so I never really got to experience that big coming-out moment. Until now I guess,” he wrote on Instagram.

While he was never ashamed of being gay, Miguel did not share his sexuality when he joined the singing competition so people would focus on his talent.

“When I joined Idol Philippines, I made a conscious choice with the producers of the show not to address my sexuality. To be clear, I’ve never been ashamed of being gay,” he shared.

“I made that choice on Idol not because I wanted to present a fake version of myself to all of you, but because I wanted your focus to be on my voice, my music, and my writing.”

Miguel expressed gratefulness to those that supported him along the way.

“If you’ve supported me and you feel hurt reading this or you feel lied to, I am sorry that you feel this way and I am still so thankful for the support all of you have given,” the singer said.

“I wanna make it clear that I never lied about my sexuality, I never pretended to be straight. I chose to stay quiet about a very small but very personal part of me. I am still the same person.”