PAWS wants 'Oro' pulled out of MMFF due to slaugher scene

Published June 30, 2020, 3:40 PM

by Erma Edera



The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) wants to pull out the film ‘Oro’ from the Metro Manila Film Festival for it’s dog slaughter scene after several complaints on the particular scene.

According to Anna Cabrera PAWS is undergoing their own investigation on the film to file criminal charges on the makers of the film. The official request for investigation was sent on December 31.

“Nagi-investigate kami para makakuha ng ebidensya na crime was committed para makapag-file kami ng criminal case. But more than that, what we expected from this meeting is that the MMFF executive committee itself would find that one, it is wrong for them to have lied, kasi ang sabi nila, no animal was killed or harmed here. Hindi totoo. So talagang may pinatay na aso for the film, and doon pa lang, we expected higher sanctions, heavier sanctions from the MMFF execom,” was what she said after the meeting on Monday with the MMFF executive committee.

PAWS does not only want the film pulled out of the festival but also want the awards it received revoked.

Cabrera also said, “We wanted the film to be pulled out kahit bukas na ‘yung last day, and we wanted all the awards awarded to this film pulled out because a crime has been committed. Pero, ang sabi nila, ang gagawin na lang daw is ie-edit na lang ‘yung objectionable scenes from the movie. You can edit out all the objectionable scenes but the fact remains that a dog was killed and that is not right kaya we are very disappointed.”

“Responsible film makers should make sure of this not just because animal cruelty is a crime but because it is the right thing to do,” PAWS said.

The film ‘Oro’ is about a barangay captain trying to defend his people in the community from bandits who try to take over their mine. A part of the film shows a dog realistically being slaughtered and ready to be cooked.

PAWS pointed out in their complaint adressed to Tim Orbos, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chief and chairman of the MMFF that the law prohibits the use of any animal killed or abused for the purpose of film production.

The slaughter scene was described as disturbing and graphic by several people including Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chairperson Liza Dino.

Although the film director Alvin Yapan denied the fact that a dog was used but instead a goat was used with some prosthetic and graphic editing to make it look real.


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Still, “Oro”, one of the eight film entries to this year’s film fest won two awards during the Gabi ng Parangal, the FPJ Memorial Award for Excellence and Best Ensemble Cast. While Irma Adlawan, its lead actress, won the top acting honor.

Anna Cabrera recently posted a photo on facebook captioning “Here’s a screenshot of the dog that was slaughtered in ORO. Now everyone who has to come out with an “official, carefully worded” statement – lawyers, non-lawyers, members of MMFF ExeCom, cast and crew members, Director Alvin Yapan – I invite you to look into those eyes and tell us whether his life mattered. Whether his fear – at the very moment this was filmed- mattered. If it matters. If anything matters. At all. To us “humans”. That he was used as a helpless prop in this abomination of a film.”



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