I Flipped When They Folded



It wasn't too long ago when flip phones were revolutionary.  So imagine my utter amazement when I had a brief moment with the Huawei Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy Fold.  There were just about a million things running through my head as I was asked to unfold them.  I hesitated at first fearing that they'll break.  And so, as I contemplate on how much both costs, heaven forbid I break them both, just imagine the big smile on my face when I heard angels sing as I smoothly unfolded them both.  Indeed, they are both a masterpiece. Now, I'm eager to discover what both can do.  Both may equally be good to look at but are totally different in so many ways.


As fragile as it may look, the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold felt sturdy, solid and stable even during the process of unfolding.  There were no creeks and definitely nothing cracked.  As both devices equally embraced the concept of folding screens, each device's approach was different.  In tablet mode, the Huawei Mate X is slightly bigger with its 8-inch screen compared to Samsung Galaxy Fold's 7.3-inch screen.  The Mate X folds back exposing the tablet's screens when folded.  Hence, on phone mode, you get a 6.6-inch screen display in front and a 6.4-inch at the back.  The Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, folds inwards (just like a book) hiding the tablet screen.  Since the tablet screen is hidden when folded, the Galaxy fold features a separate 4.6-inch screen.  Quite unconventional as it is narrower and relatively small to type and navigate on compared to other smartphones.

At first glance, because of the way it was folded, the Huawei Mate X still undeniably looked like a smartphone.  Curiosity will surely strike you with the Galaxy Fold because at first glance, it doesn't really look like a conventional smartphone; probably because when folded it looked ponderous.  Although both may seem to be like 2 phones stacked on top of each other, the Samsung Galaxy Fold appeared thicker and bulkier. 


Users are always hungry for a bigger display and these 2 definitely delivered.  Imagine, a bigger display tucked in the palm of your hand! This definitely solves the problem of serious multi-tasking on mobile phones.  As displays on conventional smartphones aren’t big enough to have 2 or 3 applications displayed in one screen, users have no choice but to switch from one app to another – a task so smoothly done on most smartphones.  The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X took multitasking to a whole new level as these two can display two to three applications all at the same time. Definitely, no switching is involved. It is as easy as dragging one finger on one end to the other.  This is just one of the many, many features of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X that will blow your mind.

Considering this very brief, astounding moment, it made me wonder.  As innovative and futuristic as it may seem, would one bend for these phones?  These 2 devices are indeed impressive; but they will surely cost you an arm and a leg.  But then again, if the experience is worth the price, would you consider? If you need more thoughts on this then read on as MB TechNews Editor, Art Samaniego, Jr. shares his experience.