PWDs might face discrimination because of fake IDs — netizens

Published June 22, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


By Czarina Nicole Ong Ki

Filipino lawmakers are calling for a crackdown of fake persons with disabilities (PWD) cards, which are putting a strain on businesses that are already struggling to stay afloat in the middle of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.


PWDs, just like senior citizens, receive an automatic 20 percent direct discount and are exempted from paying value-added tax (VAT) on purchases of certain goods and services from all establishments.

While this is all well and good, certain people have been abusing this privilege even if they are not actual PWDs. A screenshot even circulated on social media showing the fake PWD cards of each member of a wealthy family.

Seeing this photo and news has gotten netizens worried that real PWDs might face discrimination and might even be refused discounts just because of those people who have fake IDs.

@itsikm_ commented, “You’re making it harder for ACTUAL PWDs, you know? I mean imagine creating mistrust for businesses?? What about those whose disabilities are not glaringly obvious? They’re [going to] face discrimination.”

“As a mother of two sons with ACTUAL disabilities (Aspergers and ADHD) who got medical authentication (not just a med cert) from their psychiatrist for their PWD cards, this type of abuse really pisses me off,” fumed @mrsunlawyer.

She questioned the steps that congressmen are planning to take to resolve this issue, because she fears the backlash that would be received by legitimate PWDs.

Meanwhile, several netizens got angry at the family whose members all had PWD cards. @Gabcdefghijklm tweeted, “There are many poor people who are actual PWDs. The audacity of these people.”

@antireena added, “So… the lawmakers want to make it harder for actual PWDs instead of punishing people who are abusing their connections?”

One netizen said she qualifies for a PWD card. But since she is able to make an honest living despite her disability, she decided not to avail of one. @synchodai said “my disability doesn’t keep me from earning as abled folk would. This makes me so mad because this will make it harder for PWDs who actually need it.”

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