The quarantine chronicles: Week 12

Published June 12, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin



Alex Eduque
Alex Eduque

In transition. That is how I would most aptly describe the place and situation we find ourselves in right now. As we shifted from Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) to General Community Quarantine (GCQ), it seems that most were eager to leave their homes, while others took extra caution. We find ourselves yet in another phase of adjustment as things solidify a bit. Plans are starting to be made and are becoming more concrete. Decisions are not all floating anymore, though the situation is still somewhat fluid. Truly, the only constant thing in this world is change, and we have experienced this most in the past few months.

Suffice it to say, the lockdown was life changing. And though the degree in which it impacted us on an individual basis varied, for the most part, all of us now can look at life and view our plans and decisions as pre or post Covid-19. Norms are different, and mindsets have been altered. Perception, for the most part, not only shapes our opinions these days, but also our behavior and outlook in life.

Being cooped up has affected people differently. The ways in which I view some people myself have drastically been altered. It is true – crisis brings out either the best or worst in people, and truly reveals the truth about every single one of us. Stress can break you, in the same way that a strong support system and faith can make you. Less can definitely be more if we choose to always see a cup as half full, rather than half empty. In the same way that the least do not always have less. In fact, sometimes, they have more. Richness is measured in different ways and capacities in the same way that happiness and contentment, though complementary, are two different feelings and elicit a multitude of reactions.

Which is why, in a world that has just been inflicted with a pandemic, it continues to perplex me as to why racism is still an issue that plagues societies and the world today. COVID-19 as I see it, is an equalizer like no other that can affect anyone – regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, social status, or where we are in the world. It is disheartening to see an upheaval soar and break out just because inequality and injustice is prevalent in a world that is still healing, and is far from recovered. Now more than ever, it is an opportunity for humanity to change for the betterment of all – to emerge from a crisis as positively changed citizens who care for the welfare of others. At a time that has been ridden with so much uncertainty and fear, we are awakened to the reality that much can change overnight – even in a split second. We must make the most out of our every day. We must seek the silver lining in all situations, and impart in others the goodness that we find. Hope restores and love rebuilds. Never underestimate what a small act of kindness is capable of mending.

People are vulnerable now. That is fact. The smallest catalyst can spark the biggest reaction these days and drive them over the edge. We must not allow the sentiments and emotions of others to come upon and shape our decisions hastily. We must take the time to still process, and now more than ever, be mindful of the things we say or do.

I have learned in the midst of a lockdown to relish in slow days, and be grateful for moments where I can take my time and thread along in my own pace. I have also come to appreciate even more the preciousness of privacy. In the age of social media, and as posting became more rampant because people were stuck at home, I decided to take a back seat. From an avid poster, I turned into a lurker, and I must admit that I am enjoying the quiet. Indeed, the public – including those you let into your inner social media circle – cannot destroy or talk about that which they do not know. Remember, anyone can speculate, and assumptions will abound, but the truth will always prevail.

And before my random ramble of sorts becomes lengthier, let me leave you with one of my favorite lines from a song in a Disney movie: “Always keep a little prayer in your pocket, and you are sure to see the light. Soon there will be joy and happiness, and your little world will be bright” (The Rescuers). Keep the faith. It will come to be, all in His good time.