Facebook accounts of DLSU students also duplicated

By Rizal Obanil

The Facebook accounts of students of De La Salle University (DLSU) were also duplicated.


“Several DLSU students have reported finding blank and duplicate Facebook profiles bearing the names of University students, expressing concern over cybersecurity risks and possible dangers posed by the fake accounts,” a Twitter on The Lasallian on Sunday read.

DLSU in a statement said that whatever is contained in the fake FB accounts does not reflect the views and position of the institution.

Before DLSU students, University of the Philippines students over the weekend also reported that their accounts were duplicated.

Most of the duplicate FB accounts however were empty and did not contain any posts.

The UP administration however did not take the matter lightly and denounced the act right away by issuing a statement on the matter.

UP also immediately sought the help of the National Privacy Commission (NPC).

Some of UP students whose accounts were “cloned” expressed fear that the duplicate accounts might be used for a purpose that will be detrimental either to the student or to UP as an institution.

La Salle, for their part encouraged their students to remain vigilant and refrain from responding to comments from the said fake accounts or click on any suspicious emails or friend requests.