For the record

Published June 3, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin



Jullie Y. Daza
Jullie Y. Daza

For story-telling purposes, the following are words to live by in the time of coronavirus.

ABS-CBN – biggest corporate casualty of COVID-19, hopefully a tentative aberration.

Augmentation bus – you may board without knowing what it means or where it goes.

Balik-Probinsiya – new wave of migration.

Blended learning – Teacher, please explain and demonstrate!

Cabin fever – a log cabin would be best.

Checkpoints – where to catch fugitives, drug couriers, liars.

Church – is where the livestreaming is.

Contact tracing – a new job for 95,000 to fill.

Coronavirus – aka COVID-19.

Crime down 61 percent – only?

Curfew – “more universally understood” (?) than Stay Home.

D – doubling rate, not about babies being born by the minute.

Droplets – fall like showers; don’t rely on tiny paper parasol on your cocktail glass.

DSWD – Dept of Subsidized Wealth Distribution.

E – as in enhanced, extreme; no difference.

Economic recession – recess from progress, prosperity.

Epicenter – not about earthquakes.

Face your fears with a mask; don’t touch MEN — mouth-eyes-nose.

Flatten the curve – or fatten the spikes.

Food delivery – forget dining-in for now.

Frontliners – Hail, the men and women of the hour!

Gun with a screen – it’s pointed at your forehead.

Heal as one – with a million and one heels out there.

IATF – I Am The Fourth (branch of government).

K – that’s for K-drama to entertain you 24/7.

Lockdown – feels like forever, ask the healthy senior citizen at home.

Mask – must use.

New normal – same old bad habits, crowding, traffic.

No work, no pay – no need to explain.

Open or not? Schoolyear 20-21: When? How? Best advice: “Laro na lang.”

PPE – must-have fashion outfit.

Pandemic – look for the letters p-a-n-i-c.

Q – quarantine, what else?

SAP – make that a.s.a.p.!

SRP – suggested retail price, emphasis on first word.

Social distancing – friends, lovers, and other strangers, stay away from me!

Stay home – mantra of the era.

Thermal scanning – keep it below 37.5.

Vaccine – not Dengvaxia.

Virtual – nothing to do with virtue.

Vulnerable – below 21, above 59.

WFH – first, look in the mirror. Are you well groomed, in full office costume?

Zoom – alphabetically and chronologically, it comes after Zumba.