Real estate firm to align with ‘Balik Probinsya’ program

Published May 31, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), a design-driven real estate development company, is looking at strengthening its presence in the provinces to align with the “Balik Probinsya” program in the post-pandemic period.

“Considering the recent scenario, and Balik Probinsya type of programs, and the projected reverse-migration from congested urban agglomerations, IDC’s strategy has become even more acutely relevant than before,” said said IDC’s CEO Architect Romolo Nati.

IDC, a listed real estate company, focuses on developing green buildings in emerging cities in the country.

“Since its inception, IDC has always focused its development on the provinces and leveraged the significant growth potential of well-chosen sites outside Metro Manila,” said Nati, the multi-awarded Italian real estate developer living in the Philippines.

Nati said the Balik Probinsya program will accelerate “reverse migration” as people will decide to relocate and go back to their provinces, leaving the congested and “more risky” mega cities like Metro Manila.

There are already government plans to be implemented to incentive people to move back to their provinces, such as the Balik Probinsya program put forward by as Senator Bong Go called it in one of his recent interviews. Companies that have had a head start in focusing on key locations outside Metro Manila will be at an advantage in the post-virus scenario.

“This is an incredible opportunity that has to be played properly. More sustainable developments will have to raise in the new wave’s cities and all over the country. There is a need and a desire of a fresh start that can be both creative and bold. Filipinos have their chance to design their new cities in the provinces to make them a model of sustainable architecture in Southeast Asia and the world,” Nati said.

Apart from its relevant geographic positioning, IDC’s existing products will also increase in relevance in the post-COVID-19 market. IDC is a design-driven real estate developer, and all its products feature sustainable, green design.

“All our buildings are certified green by EDGE (Excellence in Design for a Greater Efficiency) which is a Green Rating System developed by IFC (International Finance Corporation) which is part of the World Bank Group. The use of Passive Green Features such us; increased natural ventilation and shaded facades, together with the production of renewable energy (through the use of photovoltaic panels) and water recycling, make possible to deliver to the To the end-user, this delivers greater comfort and a lighter energy and water footprint consumption without a substantial cost increase. through natural shading, increased natural airflow from outdoors, and other architectural features that optimize energy efficiency,” said Nati.

Anticipating the possibility of future emergency scenarios, these same design philosophies will also address demand for health and comfort in the post-COVID market by ensuring direct access to fresh air, indirect natural light, energy production, reduced water con¬sumption, uplifting natural aesthetic in, and key locations close to supply chains but far from congested and polluted environments, he added.

Nati believes that after COVID-19 scenario, developers should start to think differently and be ready to leave their comfort zones to become more creative and provide livable properties.