Four ways to engage your customers while in quarantine

With the government’s latest extension announcement, many areas in the country remain in some form of quarantine. If you’re a business owner, customers are likely asking you questions about your current set-up. And with more people online these days, it’s imperative that they receive the right information or else they might take their business elsewhere even as you resume operations.
GoDaddy, the company empowering every entrepreneurs worldwide shares these four effective communication strategies to help you to continue engaging with your customers, even while in quarantine. Your physical space might be closed, but with these tips, you can have customers readily informed as you resume operations.

You can keep customers engaged about your business even while staying indoors

1. Communicate through e-mailers
With many of the usual office workers/customers working at home and online, email is still one of the best ways to reach them. It’s an efficient way to communicate too, as it allows you to contact all your customers at once with the useful information you are sending.
Consider sending emails regularly to your customers about how your business is adapting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and update them of changes or product offers as they come up. Not sure how to start, GoDaddy has a beginner’s email marketing package where you currently pay P489 per month for basic features such as a sign-up form, mobile friendly design, and professional templates to help your emails look more professional.
2. Engage through Social Content
Already one of world’s top users of social media, the Philippines saw a 71% increase in social media usage during the lockdown period, according to market research company Statista. By using social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, you can continue to engage customers with useful content about your business, special offers and updated operations. Beyond posts and updates, customers can easily respond to you, and you can also take the time to respond back to queries.
3. Share business updates on your website
Your business website remains the top portal for your customers to learn more about changes in your business in full detail. “On your website, you can create a banner that leads to a page on your website that contains your business updates or pandemic related measures your business is taking. Customers have a strong affinity with brands, who they feel understand their needs at this challenging time,” said Tina Shieh, Marketing Director for Asia for GoDaddy.
If you’re looking to create a website during this time, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, is an intuitive, web-based tool that’s easy to use and has over 1,500 design templates to suit all kinds of businesses.

4. Create Engaging Blog Content
Offering blog content on your website can be a good way to showcase brand authenticity and thought leadership especially during this challenging time. It allows you to explain the steps you are taking to fight the effects of the pandemic in greater detail, or share tips that can help customers as they stay in the safety of their homes.
“As you navigate the current business climate, letting your customers know of your efforts and sharing tips and advice through engaging blog content, can help to strengthen brand affinity which is crucial as you continue or restart your operations,” added Shieh.

GoDaddy currently has resources available to help small business owners with tips and tools they can use in order to adjust to the current changes brought by the pandemic. Log on to for more information.