Las Piñas City records 13 recoveries in latest tally

By Jean Fernando

The Las Piñas City Health Office recorded a total of 13 individuals who have recovered from the coronavirus (COVID19) disease, the highest record of recoveries in one day.

According to Dr. Ferdinand Eusebio, chief of the Las Piñas City health office, the individuals who have recovered from the virus were from BF International-CAA, Daniel Fajardo, Manuyo Dos, Pamplona Tres, Pulanglupa Dos, Talon Dos, Talon Tres, and Talon Singko.

"Ikinatutuwa ko ang malaking bilang ng paggaling ng mga pasyente at nagbigay ito ng magandang impresiyon sa pagbuti ng kalagayan ng COVID-19 cases sa ating lungsod," (I am very much happy with the increasing number of individuals who have recovered from the virus. It also showed that our fight against the virus is very much effective), Dr. Eusebio said.

Based on the latest record of the city health office, about 264 individuals were confirmed affected with the coronavirus, 121 recovered, 29 deaths, one probable, and 53 suspects.

Eusebio said that they are intensifying their screening and contact tracing to all residents who have been exposed to patients found positive with the virus.

He also said that they are continuing in conducting Expanded Targeted Testing with the help of the city government and they have laid out guidelines and protocols in fighting the virus and to look after the health of the city residents.

The city health office head added that they are targeting to conduct rapid and swab testing to about 150 to 200 individuals a day.

Mayor Imelda Aguilar was happy in learning about the new development on the increasing number of recoveries of individuals affected by the virus. She said that her administration is continuing to work hard in fighting the virus.

The latest data of the city health office reported that they have already conducted swab testing to about 3,067 and rapid testing to 1,983 individuals.

Eusebio also appealed to the residents that those who were confirmed affected with the virus needs help and not discrimination. He also told the residents to stay home if they don’t have any business outside of their residence, follow the social distancing, and always wear face masks to avoid being infected with the virus.