Discover the Color of Success


When the pandemic started, everyone's lives were put to a hold.  While schools remain closed, big and small business adjust and struggle to survive.  Many companies are indeed hurting and in a world that is dull and lifeless at the moment, HP reaches out to help bring back the color, brightness and vibrancy that businesses once had.

The definition of success can be interpreted in a number of ways. In the Small Business Owner Today Study conducted by HP Inc., Filipino business owners defined success as (1) becoming an expert in field and (2) providing economic opportunity for family. Success in itself has a broad spectrum and can be quite different for those in different fields or in different stages of life – whether it be career, personal identity, family, or academic. 

Regardless of the differences, the one thing that binds all types of success is the aim to achieve it. And just like how an artist creates a masterpiece, there is a delicate process that involves equipping yourself with the right mindset or tools to become your version of Picasso. 

This list puts together tips on how to unravel your personal color of success: 


  • Know your medium: Before any artist can conceive their piece, they first have to know which medium works best. This is the material they use to create art and though they range from chalk and oil to pencil or digital, they usually go for something they’ve already mastered. In other words, your strength is the best tool to start with. Figure out what you are good at and work from there. Once you have reached the full capabilities of your strength, then that’s the time you can explore other areas that you would like to improve on.



  • Don’t be afraid of smudges: An artist’s canvass isn’t meant to be clean and organized. The work will be messy with lots of errors and mistakes as you progress. Sometimes, these smudges make the final output even more beautiful. Case in point is Julia Cameron’s story, an aspiring photographer who became one of the most important portraitists in the 19th century. Her photos were criticized for being out of focus and smeared. But what was dubbed as the “Cameron flaw” eventually helped raise photography as an art form. 

Leave a white space: Not everything has to be filled with something—as in minimalism, where space is a sacred element. Once you decide to venture into something, you have to learn that a perfect plan doesn’t exist. You won’t have answers for everything unless you take the jump and go for it. You will learn that not everything is in your control and it’s an essential step to let go and avoid worrying about things that are uncertain. In simpler terms, accept that you can’t figure everything out all at once. This way, you can create space for unexpected breakthroughs. 

Be your first masterpiece:  At first, it’s good to have models and pegs to follow while creating your magnum opus. However, half of the artist’s journey is embracing who they are. Things will be a lot clearer once you realize that the way to stand out is to be original by being you! Every original idea is worth a shot, especially if it comes from passion and perseverance. Even Stan Lee had his share of heartaches when he first proposed Spider-man and was rejected for having such a ‘lame’ story concept. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing what he loved and what he knew he was good at. And so to this day, that friendly neighborhood Spider-man is one of the highest-grossing and most beloved heroes of our time.

Learn to mix and discover new hues: Artists also understand that though they are brilliant on their own, sometimes blending different mediums or concepts can bring their craft into a wholly different level. Collaboration is key if we want to achieve bigger results and this can be in the form of finding partners, the right equipment, or even mentors or investors who can turn your original idea into an innovation. 

Truth be told, the color of success is the palette that represents the real, original you — in different shades of your strength, failure, and uncertainty. This original palette that works similarly as one’s fingerprint is the reason why we also need to appreciate other people’s uniqueness in order to work well together.  

This is exactly the dynamics that HP has in mind for its wide-range of printers and original ink and toner supplies. As your trusted technology partner in achieving success in school, personal career or in business, your original HP Cartridges are precisely tuned with your HP printer to help meet multiple quality, safety and environmental standards. By leveraging originality that you value as much as your individuality, you get the best results without any compromise versus remanufactured products, clones and counterfeit versions that will only cost you more in the long run.

To be more precise, 47% of imitations do not print to impress. We do not want your success to be deemed low-quality. Instead, we want a splash of vibrant colors just as how we dreamed it to be.