#ECQSeason4 Trends on Twitter After President Duterte’s Public Address

Published May 12, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Czarina Nicole Ong Ki

Everybody tuned in to their TV screens during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and binged on their favorite TV shows. Season after season, these shows kept Filipinos on the edge of their seats as they wait and see what happens to the lives of their beloved characters.

(Screencap from Twitter)
(Screencap from Twitter)

However, there is nothing as highly anticipated as the possibility of a fourth season of the ECQ, and netizens hilariously bombarded Twitterverse with the hashtag #ECQSeason4.

President Duterte addressed the nation on Tuesday morning but gave no definitive order regarding the possible extension of the ECQ, which rattled netizens.

“Me wasting my 45 mins waiting for his announcement about ECQ, plans, and mass testing only to end up hearing some random kanto (street) boy talk(s) and his never-ending hatred towards NPA (New People’s Army),” someone fumed.

“Where’s the sense of urgency? People are waiting for the announcement and you will give us some bedtime stories?! What gives?” complained a Twitter user.

Another netizen likened Duterte’s address to “that feeling that you are scammed” because he “waited 40 minutes for nothing.”

“Thank you, Duterte, for another 45 minutes of wasted time. Thank you for not giving us concrete plans… AGAIN. You never fail to fail us,” sarcastically wrote another.

However, some netizens did away with the jabs and jokes when talking about #ECQSeason4 and stressed the importance of a decision from the Palace.

“Duterte ended his address without officially announcing whether we will be put under ECQ or GCQ after May 15,” a netizen shared. “This is still a battle between working to provide for your family but risking your life or staying safe in the comfort of your homes but go hungry.”

“The President is in a really tough spot as one decision will yield consequences,” added another. “Extend the ECQ, people will suffer due to economic recession. Lift the ECQ and we will have a high probability of a second wave, something we do not want to happen.”