Podcasts to help pass the time

Podcasts have been excellent companions when commuting or driving alone to work and back home. These past few days I've been listening to some while working or before going to bed. For me, they help stimulate the brain into activity. Here are my favorite podcasts that you should check out.

Welcome to Night Vale

night vale

Night Vale is the first podcast series I ever tuned in to, starting from 2012 up to the present. It features a fictional radio show where the host, Cecil, delivers news in their desert town. Think of it as X-Files, but all the science fiction, cosmic horrors, and other supernatural, are common and part of day-to-day activities. It starts off with a dark and sinister tone but soon humor was added in. They also include music from indie bands.

Within the Wires


Within the Wires is a seasonal anthology. The first season is about relaxation tapes, where as you progress through each episode, you'll learn things aren't as simple as they seem, escalating into something massive. The second season features about museum exhibits, developing into a heartwarming story about a painter. The third season is a series of political recordings about the wider world of Within the Wires. There is a fourth season but I have yet to listen to it.

The Edge of Sleep


The Edge of Sleep is another weird story, featuring a security guard ending his night shift to learn everyone who has fallen asleep that night is dead. Unlike the rest mentioned in this list, The Edge of Sleep is more like an audiobook that reads a story to you. It's narrated by Mark Fischback, better known as the popular YouTuber, Markiplier.


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Unlike those mentioned above, S-Town by Serial, is based on real events, with real people detailing their experiences on a tape recorder. It starts with a murder and a cover up, which peaked the interest of Brian Reed. From there things take several twists that you wouldn't believe actually happened. Of course, by how Brian narrated the events had been blown out of proportion. But it's still a fascinating listen.

Writing Excuses


Unlike everything else mentioned, Writing Excuses is a podcast for writers and aspiring novelists. Hosted by bestselling novelists, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and web cartoonists Dan Howard. They talk about different topics of writing, about characterization, culture, world-building, dialogue, writing query letters, they also explore the publishing industry covering topics that writers might be interested in. The list goes on. It's no guarantee you'll become a published novelist, but these ideas should give writers an idea what to expect.

Special mention! 

The Left Right Game


I haven't had the chance to listen to his podcast yet. But everything I heard about it is quite interesting so far. It features a journalist following a team of paranormal experts to make a name for herself. It is narrated by Tessa Thompson, best known so far as, Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok.

These podcasts are available on iTunes and on Spotify.