Wellness company reaches out to frontliners

By Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Forever Healthy Products, Inc. (FHPI), the exclusive global distributor of Imuregen, a food supplement that boosts Immune System at the DNA level, is donating ImunPlus, its best-selling product, to hospitals to be distributed amongst frontliners.

Susan Barlin, CEO of FHPI, said they are initially donating 5,000 ImunPlus to selected hospitals. Spearheading the project is Dr. Mario Ramirez together with Dr. Arle Imperio.

“Our Frontliners are our heroes and they are the ones who really need all the support they can get as they are the first one exposed to the health threat during this time” said Barlin in a statement.

ImunPlus has dietary nucleotides, 118 oligopeptides, 20 Amino Acids and Vitamin C.

“We are donating initially 5,000 Imunplus, a DNA level food supplement, to boost the immune system of our frontliners,” said Barlin.

According to Dr. Jose M. Oclarit, a professor of Microbiology at Matias H. Aznar University, a UP graduate and one of the top scientist of the Philippines, “Previous studies indicate the importance of dietary nucleotides in maintaining optimal cellular immunity.”

He explained that oligopeptides, meaning few, are Epigenetic inductors for gene expression. It operates the DNA to where is its needed to function.

“These are proteins that are smaller than 10 kilodalton (kda) units. Any peptides smaller than 10kda is easily absorbed across all cells. Proteins are made of peptides which are actually chain of amino acids.

Oligopeptides mean few amino acid chains is considered to be nanopeptides. Our arcenals for the immune system are antibodies and the nkt cells. And these are made of proteins. To produce correct proteins is to have a stable DNA. Wrong DNA means wrong proteins,” he said.

Barlin said that this time of health crisis, it is necessary to stay healthy. She believes that ImunPlus would help frontliners stay healthy.

“We hope to give back in our own little way to the frontliners what they are giving us,” said Barlin. "Helping others inspire and motivates me. Inspiration and motivation feeds my soul!"