Navotas grants city's public health workers special risk allowance on top of hazard pay

By Joseph Almer Pedrajas

The local government of Navotas City will grant its public health workers a special risk allowance on top of the daily hazard pay they are receiving.

The city's Ordinance No. 2020-20 states that frontliners who have direct contact with suspected, probable, and positive coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients shall be provided with additional pay amounting to 25 percent of their monthly salary.

According to the local government, the computation of the allowance will be on a pro-rated basis or will depend on the number of days the public health workers physically reported for work.

This is in accordance with Malacañang Administrative Order No. 28, the city's public information office (PIO) said.

With the passing of the ordinance, the health workers will get the risk allowance on top of the P500-daily hazard pay they are already receiving under another recently passed ordinance.

Those qualified to receive the special risk allowance are medical, allied medical, and other necessary personnel assigned to the city’s hospitals and other healthcare facilities working in fight against COVID-19, the Navotas PIO said.