Reasonable force used in arrest of fish vendor for ECQ violation

Published April 29, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Chito Chavez

Former Quezon City Councilor Ranulfo Ludovica, head of Quezon City’s Task Force Disiplina, on Wednesday said that his personnel used reasonable force in arresting the fish vendor who violently reacted after being questioned for violating quarantine protocols on Monday.

(Screencap from Facebook)
(Screencap from Facebook)

In an interview, Ludovica said fish vendor Michael Rubuia hurled invective at the law enforcement authorities and started kicking them when told that it was against enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) rules to sell fish in public places.

As seen in the viral video, several Task Force Disiplina personnel were trying to drag Rubuia, 38, for not having a quarantine pass and face mask while selling fish in Panay Avenue on Monday.

Ludovica added that Rubuia later tested positive for drugs when brought to the Quezon City General Hospital (QCGH) following his arrest.

Ludovica said he knew right away that Rubuia was high on drugs due to his fiery eyes and his rejection to accept reasonable explanation about quarantine rules.

The Quezon City government earlier said it “shall never condone any acts of violence or violation of human rights, regardless of reason or justification, especially when committed by an official or employee of the city government or any of the city’s barangays.”

Ludovica said the act of hitting Rubuia with a stick on his feet and hands were “reasonable force’’ since the fish vendor was kicking and shouting while trying to hurt checkpoint personnel.

He insisted his men threw no punches and merely acted accordingly, saying that the fish vendor held the railings forcing the enforcers to strike his feet and hands.

Rubuia, who is now detained at the QCPD station 10, insisted that he did nothing wrong.