Myths spread like the virus in this pandemic

Published April 29, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Rizal Obanil 

Almost as fast as the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 is the spread and proliferation of myths about the deadly disease.

At a time of click-of-the-button-ready information at the disposal of practically anyone who has internet connection, it is quite amazing that people still believe these myths.

To clear the air and prevent the spread of wrong information, Mashable Southeast Asia (SEA) posted a video on their Facebook debunking 6 myths about COVID-19.

Here are those myths.

1. Eating garlic can keep the virus away.

Mashable SEA in their video wrote that although garlic is a good remedy for flu, there’s no evidence that it can fend off the virus.

2. Drinking hot water can kill the virus.

COVID-19 infects the respiratory system not the digestive. Drinking water is not only useless against COVID-19 but will also hurt your esophagus.

3. Chopped onions absorb the virus.

Mashable SEA wrote that people put sliced onions on bowls, believing this myth, but there’s no scientific evidence that this is true.

4. COVID-19 only infects old people.

COVID-19 spares no one regardless of age.

5. The sun can kill COVID-19.

You probably heard of this one, and when it came out a lot of people, especially in the Philippines, were looking forward to the summer in the hope that this myth is true. Unfortunately it is not. No matter how hot or sunny it is one can still get infected. The best defense against COVID-19, Mashable SEA recommends, is still to frequently your hands.

6. The 10-second breath holding trick.

Being able to hold your breath at least 10 seconds does not mean you’re infection-free. The best way to know if you’re COVID-19 positive or not is to get tested.

Governments wouldn’t be spending billions to purchase testing kits if this myth was true.