DILG: Subdivisions subject to ECQ rules, but cops cannot enter houses without search warrants

Published April 28, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Chito Chavez

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) reiterated on April 28, Tuesday, that subdivision regulations should be synchronized with the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) during this emergency crisis.


Similarly, DILG Secretary Eduardo Año stressed that common places in condominiums are considered public places where quarantine protocols may be strictly imposed.

The DILG in past statements said that subdivision owners cannot make their own rules in enforcing quarantine protocols, saying it has to be consistent with the guidelines of the IATF.

According to the DILG, policemen can patrol common areas, like parks, at private subdivisions and gated communities.

But Año explained that cops cannot enter houses without a search warrant or an actual crime happening.

He issued the reminder after the twin altercations between police officers and the residents of an exclusive subdivision in Makati city and a posh condominium in Taguig city occurred only weeks apart, as quarantine protocols were being enforced.

In the April 26 incident at Dasmariñas Village, Año said that Police Senior Master Sergeant Roland Von Madrona “maintained his cool” and acted on established police protocols in law enforcement.

He stressed that the incident should not be judged solely by the video circulating online, “as there were a lot more going on prior to the shooting of the video.”

“There’s no trespassing there,” said Año

as the incident happened on the street with the officers only venturing into the frontyard of resident Javier Salvador Parra to arrest him after he “started cursing [at] the officers,” as shown in the video that police released.

“Amid all the buzz and trial by publicity going around this incident, we stand with Police Senior Master Sergeant Roland Madrona since he did his job properly. The incident was handled in accordance with established police protocols. He was just doing his job,” Año stressed.

“Another clip from Parra’s wife shows a policeman tackling him to the ground. The officer immediately released Parra after his wife shouted that he had an injury,” he added.

Año asked the public to adjust to the stricter implementation of ECQ rules and to consider it as a public health measure to contain the transmission of COVID-19.

Admitting to defend Madrona, Año however, assured that an official investigation of the case will be done with complete impartiality and due process.

The Damariñas Village incident came after four cops went to the poolside of a high-end private condominium in Taguig City and requested people to return to their units for violating ECQ regulations.

It escalated into a controversy when a foreigner and the uniformed men engaged in a shouting match.

According to the management of Pacific Plaza Towers, what the cops did sowed fear among its residents, including the children.