Facebook prepares to roll out Zoom competitor, Messenger Rooms

Published April 25, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Facebook aims to become the hub – not “a hub” but “THE hub” – of all things digital, to be the one stop application people use across the globe. That’s understandable from a business perspective, Facebook is a business with billions of users, after all, and its endgame is to profit, and in order to more money they keep on developing new and existing features. From a user perspective, adding features from other platforms into a platform you use more often sounds convenient with few taps/clicks.

So, it comes as to no surprise that Facebook has developed a video conference feature to take on Zoom called Messenger Rooms. It can host up to 50 people and users will receive notifications for any Rooms available, so they can join anytime they want. Given the recent security and privacy issues from Zoom, Facebook made it clear that no one can suddenly just join. Users will have the option to give friends access to join Rooms or invite specific people only.

For those who don’t have a Facebook account, users can send links leading to the Room. Of course, this is less secured, as the link can be passed around. The Room automatically locks when the host removes someone, preventing them to return.

WhatsApp and Instagram, as owned by Facebook, will also be getting the Rooms feature. While at it, WhatsApp video calls has been upped from four to eight people at a time.

Much like Zoom, Facebook’s Messenger Room allows users to change backgrounds. Users can also play with Facebook’s augmented reality (AR) filters.

Facebook didn’t say when Messenger Rooms will be available and when it will roll out. But we can expect them in the coming weeks.