Parañaque gov’t hands out P1,000 cash vouchers to 58,000 senior citizens

By Jean Fernando

The Parañaque City government announced that a total of 58,000 senior citizens in the city will receive their cash voucher amounting to P1,000 each.

According to Mar Jimenez, chief of the Public Information Office, the city has a total of 58,000 registered OSCA Care cardholders who are all entitled to P1,000 cash vouchers.

This is part of the city’s continuing relief operations to ensure the well-being of the city residents, especially the elderlies who are most vulnerable and equally helpless during the quarantine period.

Jimenez added that the city government also called on the attention of the presidents of each subdivisions and villages around the city to submit the names of all the senior citizens who are cardholders of senior citizens national ID but not yet enrolled in the city OSCA Care.

Mayor Edwin Olivarez also decided that senior citizens who are not yet enrolled in the city’s OSCA Care will equally be accorded with the P1,000 cash vouchers.

The PIO chief added that they are just finishing the distribution of the cash vouchers to the enrolled senior citizens at the OSCA Care with the help of the services of AIR21, a logistic service provider to ensure senior citizens get the assistance on time via door-to-door delivery, in observance of strict social distancing.

Jimenez said that the city government is now starting to collate the names of senior citizens not enrolled at the city’s OSCA Care. May 4 is their target deadline.