IHDpay and IP-Biotech to set up labs to test for Covid-19 in CEZA

Amid the growing concern over the need for elevating testing capacity for COVID-19,  IHDpay in Hong Kong and IP-Biotech Inc (IPB) joined hands to establish a Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Fluorescence Detection System Testing center and laboratories in the Philippines. 

The PCR (swab-based) testing is the latest recommendation by the World Health Organization (WHO) as of the beginning of March 2020. The virus nucleic acid PCR test is based on "direct evidence", as it tests for the existence of the actual virus material within a specimen. Owing to the mass scale of the pandemic, there is scarce supply of tests reagent worldwide.  IHDpay and IPB's effort is for both the allocation of the state-of-the-art RT-PCR Fluorescence Detection System and the Digital Tracking System as well as the supply of FDA approved PCR virus nucleic acid test kits which will increase the diagnostic capacity in the Philippines. The PCR testing equipment and kits product registration application is currently filed with FDA (Philippines) for approval.

IHDpay and IPB will set up strategically located testing centers & laboratories across the country. The parties have selected Cagayan Economic Zone ("CEZA") as its hub for Northern Luzon, as well as for its export-oriented activities. IHDpay founder, Dr. Chiang Chun Yuan is eager to share his “digital-tracking” system which helps to ensure the safety of the recognized test reagents. As a public health physician, he has emphasize that “It is definitely the choice to adopt the principles of early detection, early quarantine, and early management, which are key steps to mitigate the spread of the virus. We need to plan ahead of and reduce casualty.”

Upon establishment of its facilities and office in CEZA this year, IHD Pay and IP-Biotech are donating an initial1,000 test kits to Cagayan Economic Zone authority (CEZA) for Northern Luzon. Secretary Lambino, Administrator of CEZA and Presidential advisor of Northern Luzon commented: "We welcome to arrival of IHDpay, a leading medical technology company from Hong Kong. Their investment in Philippines will setup much needed testing facilities to combat Covid-19 in Northern Luzon."