Netflix Rolls Out its Updated Parental Control Features

Published April 15, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

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The Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine has been extended and by this time, the whole family must’ve been feeling the strain of being cooped up inside their homes.  Being confined in just one place for long periods can cause physical and emotional strain. Parents soon feel anxious, listless at times. A feeling of uncertainty of what the future would be may also haunt them.  Kids, on the other hand, being away from school, classmates and friends, may feel bored, restless and irritable. They are probably confused and wonder what is really happening.

As cabin fever creeps in, families think of ways to cope with the situation.  One of the many ways family members combat stress, irritability, restlessness and boredom is by streaming movies or shows via Netflix.  But not all family members have the same interests when it comes to content. Likewise, not all content is suitable for all. That is why Netflix offers an extensive selection of films and TV shows for kids and the whole family to enjoy.  Of course, parents still have to be conscious of Netflix’s maturity ratings to serve as a guide as to what is appropriate for their kids to watch. Apart from that, Netflix also has given parents the power to control and to make right choices for the family and that is through Netflix’s parental controls.  Last April 8, Netflix rolled out its upgraded parental controls which features the following:

  1. Each profile protected by PIN

Parental controls help parents filter and basically control family’s online content.  With this, parents will be at peace that their child or children will only be exposed to contents that are appropriate for them.  With the update, controls are now available for each profile. Hence, parents can now set a 4-digit PIN and lock each individual profile. This will prevent kids from using other members’ profiles.

  1. Filter and Block titles

Parents can filter content within each profile.  From the Account Settings and then ‘Profile and Parental Control’, parents can set specific maturity ratings for each user.  Hence, kids will not be able to play titles that are above the maturity rating set by their parents. In addition, parents can remove and block specific TV or movie titles that are not appropriate for their kids’ age.  These titles won’t appear in their child’s profile.

  1. Review each profile

A viewing history can be accessed in each profile.  Parents can now keep track of what their kids have been watching within the profile that they have created for them. 

  1. Turn off Autoplay

With the new update, parents now have the option to switch off the Autoplay function for each profile.  This can be done under the Playback Settings. 

With Netflix’s new update, parents get more control – on how things are, the way things should be and the way things parents want them to be.  While it is true that our lives have totally been disrupted by this crippling virus, as a parent, it is good to know that there are still things that they can get control over.