Quezon town mulls giving P4,000 to each non-SAP beneficiary

By Danny Estacio

GEN. LUNA, Quezon – The leadership of this municipality is planning to give P4,000 to each of its constituents who will not be covered by the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) being implemented by the national government and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

This was disclosed by General Luna Mayor Matt Erwin Florido, who said the program, dubbed “Damay sa mga naSACtan”, will be targeting those persons or families which were not included in the SAP.

Florido said they were planning to implement the municipality-initiated amelioration program after the full implementation of the SAP so that his office could also have an idea who were not able to receive the national government’s cash aid.

He added that fund for “Damay sa mga naSACtan” would come from the realignment of P9 million of the town’s 20-percent development fund.

If the fund is not sufficient, Florido said he consider asking the 27 barangays to shoulder the P1000 in the “Damay” fund, while the P3000 will come from the LGU.

“Ito ang naisip ko na kapamaraanan upang mabilis na matulungan ang mga nangangailangan din nating mga kababayan”, Florido said.