Movies to stream during the quarantine

The quarantine persists. Some people out there are looking for some entertainment to kill the boredom. You can Marie Kondo things inside the house and assess important matters while quarantine and staying off the grid. The COVID-19 pandemic puts a toll and continues to rise despite the many efforts of the government and healthworkers to contain the virus from spreading.
As the nation enters into the fourth week of community quarantine, people are now feeling the worst-case scenario.

What if the ECQ is extended? How do we cope up?
To help take away the blues of this quarantine state-of-living that we are presently experiencing, here are 10 movies that you can watch on streaming platforms while we are still stuck at home.


images (6) of end-of-the-world preppers goes into training in an iced snowy mountain led by a man named, Alain. The purpose of the training is for them to learn survival techniques in case of chaos should the world's economy collapse or a virus becomes pandemic. There's not a lot of action going on until one of them accidentally blew himself up and died. And the training camp becomes their own death trap.


Countdown2019MoviePoster In the tradition of Final Destination, a new personification of death grips the new millennium. Death finds its way through technology and the mobipe app Countdown can predict the exact time you'll die! Maybe not a perfect time to watch this 2019 movie but if you're looking for a scary horror thriller, this one's going to take you for a ride. Looking forward to more sequels!


MV5BNWQ1ZTVkMWMtNmU5Yi00YzkwLTk2OWUtY2Q1OWUzOTYyNmJkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTMxODk2OTU@._V1_ If you're a fan of THE EXORCIST and supernatural horror films of that genre, MARK OF THE DEVIL should be on your list. It's a Mexican produced horror that evolves around an ancient book, a kid returning from the dead, a priest, and two sisters who got possessed. The eerie atmosphere of the film also feels like a sequel to 2005's CONSTANTINE movie with Keanu Reeves. I think this MARK OF THE DEVIL is a perfect synopsis should there be a sequel to CONSTANTINE. By the way, the audio of this movie is in indigenous Mexican language. Check it out on Netflix!


images (9) Like the movie PARASITE, this one challenges the intellectual minds into discerning social discrimination between the upper, middle, and lower class society.


images (5)

If you've seen THE PLATFORM which shows the struggle of the people imprisoned on a social structure, you'll appreciate this Spanish film. This is also similar with PARASITE's premise of struggle between the haves and have-nots. THE OCCUPANT also mirrors the predicament when families face financial problems they are force to change their lifestyle. On the other side, there are families who are well-off, they are envied by people in the lower class.
THE OCCUPANT has a more sinister approach compared with PARASITE. There are no jump scare scenes here but the premise is good.

THE HOST (2006)

The_Host_film_poster THE HOST is very entertaining and timely to watch because it's about a virus and a sea monster created by toxic wastes that were poured into a drain from a laboratory (or clinic). It passed to sewerages down the open Han River. Feels like a B-movie but with a cast of well-known actors from South Korea. THE HOST stars Song Kang-ho and directed by Bong Joon-ho. Song Kang plays the father of Go Ah-sung in this movie. They reunited as father and daughter ulit sa SNOWPIERCER (2013) that Bong Joon-ho also directed. THE HOST is a sci-fi/horror/comedy film wirh a not-so happy ending. Bong Joon wanted to show that anyone can survive (or not) during a monster invasion or virus outbreak and to face the fact that you will eventually lose a loved one in the end. One thing that's good about this movie is the non-stop action flow of the story.


images (7) Minus the minute-after-minute JOHN WICK action-packed fight scenes, ATOMIC BLONDE is one of the best spy movies of the millennium. It also takes us back to 80s memory lane with great soundtrack music like Major Tom, Under Pressure, 99 Luftballoon, Blue Monday, etc. Great directing from David Leitch.

MIRAGE (2018)

images (8) If you are a fan of K-drama, this one's not Korean but the story is the type of film Koreans love to produce. If you're a fan of Money Heist, Alvaro Morte aka the Professor plays one of the character here. If you're watching The Flash, you knew what happened during Flashpoint and when you mess with the timeline when you travel back in time. With that said, MIRAGE is a sci-fi/mystery/thriller/drama/love story rolled in one spectacular movie released in 2018. The plot is there is/was a boy who witnessed a crime in 1989 during an lectrical storm. Fast forward 25 years after, the boy met a woman through an old television set through a breach in time space continuum. Shocked by what happened, the woman named Vera tries to uncover a crime that happened 25 years ago that change the reality she thought she already knew. 21 BRIDGES (2019) images (11) (1) 21 BRIDGES action scenes started with a supposedly not-so small time illegal drug robbery escalated into a big-time expose level of police corruption in Manhattan. The title represents the interconnecting bridges and railways in the city. Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) plays a NYPD cop named Davis who thinks that taking a life a criminal (if he finds himself in that situation) should have a cause. Thanks for his idealism, he got to unravel a big dirty secret of the law enforcement he's part of. It's timely to watch because this film shows how a lockdown is imposed when a city is placed in danger and has been compromised.


images (10) THAT. WAS. MIND. BLOWING! Literally, jaw-dropping. FRACTURED is like a script made out from an Alfred Hitchcock classic style of suspense. This movie will make you go crazy thinking what's really going on with Ray and his family. Always. Never trust a film when there are crows cawing!