‘Kind Words’ is a social media app disguised as a game

Published March 30, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Kind Words 1

Social media platforms are a little overcrowded. Probably the enhanced quarantine has made you feel a little too isolated and you want to interact with people for good vibes and avoiding the bad ones at all cost. But eventually you’d hit a snag and you’ll feel down. It’s like dancing around a minefield.

If all you need is to reach out and to be reached out, on Steam there is an app called “Kind Words.” It’s an indie game, but it goes beyond that premise, rather, it’s a social media app meant for you to write letters and send them out to other users around the world who is using this app.

kind words 2

There is nothing to explore here. Your in-game avatar stays in their room, in isolation. You write letters and send them off to the world. You can respond to other letters, flying in folded paper airplanes. Sometimes you’d get a letter with really kind words and probably that’s enough to bring a smile. Sometimes you might get hit with something that you don’t “want” to hear but something you “needed.”

You won’t get to keep conversations running though, like other social media apps. Kind Words is focused on you, lifting your own inner burdens, and reaching out to others who may need a simple cheer up.

It costs P159.95 on Steam right now.