Derek Ramsay gets emotional over damage and suffering wrought up by global pandemic

Hunk actor Derek Ramsay couldn’t help but feel bad over the health crisis battering the world right now.

On his recent Instagram story, he pleaded for people to follow the rules set by authorities in this time of pandemic.

Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay

“The world, what’s going on with all of this? And guys this is why it is important to just stay home. ‘Wag sanang umabot ‘yung bansa natin sa ganito. Makinig po tayo. Let’s stay at home please,” he said, voice cracking and teary-eyed.

As of writing, the total confirmed cases of coronavirus disease 2019 around the world are 597,304 people. Of these, 27,364 died while 131,708 recovered.

In the Philippines, there are 803 positive cases as of March 27.