Cavite to use water-chlorine-salt mist spray in fight against COVID-19

By Anthony Giron

IMUS CITY, Cavite --- Authorities will use fire trucks spraying water-chlorine-salt mist to sanitize and disinfect the streets of Cavite as a way to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Governor Jonvic Remulla  (FACEBOOK / MANILA BULLETIN) Governor Jonvic Remulla

This was disclosed by Governor Jonvic Remulla as he cited plans to implement have a community disinfection drive (CDD) all over the province while the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is in effect.

Disinfection is a must in Cavite considering that there have been six deaths in the province related to COVID-19. The province also has 22 coronavirus cases.

The latest death was that of an 83-year-old from Naic.

Imus, the capital, has the most number of COVID-19 cases with seven and one fatality.

The historical capital has started on Friday the decontamination operation with personnel in personal protective gear (PPEs) spraying mist in some areas.

Authorities saw the CDD as a practicable measure, along with the implemented ECQ, in averting the spread of CIVID-19 in the province.

“I had just finished a meeting with the fire department marshal and our provincial environment officer and we have designed a community disinfection drive for the entire province.  Our fire trucks will contain a prescribed mixture of chlorine, water, and a trace amount of salt, to be sprayed in mist form in all our streets,” Remulla said in a Facebook message posted on Friday, March 27.

Remulla said that the firetrucks would move from one area to another for the mist-spraying. “For the streets which the fire trucks cannot enter then we will have teams to walk and manually spray the surroundings,” he said.

Cavite has eight districts comprising seven cities and 16 municipalities. The province is the most densely populated in Luzon.

Remulla said that the citizens would be informed about the drive, particularly about the mist-spraying, in advance and when it will be done in their area.

“We will have a PA (public address) system in advance to ask people to stay indoors during the operation. I will post by the day where the operations will take place," he said.

Remulla called the cooperation of everyone as the misting would be done consistently once it gets going.

“For this (the misting) to be effective, we will need your cooperation,” he said, adding “we will need to do this consistently,”

Remulla is expected to render more details about the CDD and other actions in his next Facebook message posts.