How to stay at home according to Carolina Herrera


With everything going on around the world today, we may be physically present in the house but our minds are elsewhere wandering. Currently, we have the opportunity to reconnect with people and things we may have taken for granted in the past. When was the last time you sat in your mother’s kitchen and made a meal together? How about revisiting old photo albums and personal journals when you were younger? Now is the time to turn your house into a home and make new memories.

Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera proposes 12 tips on experiencing your true alegría de vivir (or “happiness of living” in Spanish) at home. “It’s all about simple gestures, small actions, subtle transformations that change everything,” the designer’s website says. “It’s all about imagination, emotions, and affections. So here is our plan for these days. We hope you enjoy them and we will love to know how they turn out.”

Manila Bulletin

Here’s the guide to staying at home as posted on Caroline Herrera’s Instagram Story:

  1. A message is nice. A conversation is even better.
  2. Discover the sights outside your windows.
  3. Turn your kitchen into a creative workshop.
  4. Read that book. Yes, that one.
  5. Inspiration can happen in front of any blank page.
  6. Add some spark to your meetings, try the Herrera wallpapers for Zoom. Click here.
  7. Wash your hands, water your plants, stretch your arms.
  8. Wave to your neighbors once a day.
  9. If fashion can lift your mood, stay fashionable at home.
  10. If music be the food of love, click here for our Spotify Stay Home playlist.
  11. Magazines and movies are first class boarding passes.
  12. Screens keep us up to date, but sometimes they need to be turned off